This page is for those who through lack of transport, cost of travel, impairment or simply fear support us but cannot join us. It is for those who are angry at the inhuman way in which disabled people are being treated and used as scapegoats for the supposed economic problems created by those in the financial sector bleeding the country dry….

‘Cuts kill!’ is the message of the organisers of the anti-government disabled peoples’ protest on the 3rd October in Birmingham. The day is one in which a number of protesters will make their voices heard outside the Conservative conference at the ICC.

There will be barriers, some more barriers, a large steel fence and big police lines to protect the lives and dignity of our millionaire politicians.

‘Cuts kill!’ is the rallying cry of the protesters because that is what they will do and what the threat of the cuts has already done.

Disabled people have already taken their own lives because of the extent to which the millionaire politicians want to take away our dignity and further reduce our poverty level incomes.

There are no big police lines to protect us….

Please write your message of protest  below by leaving your comments….

135 Responses to “UK Disabled Peoples’ Protest: Virtual Protest Page (CLOSED)”

  1. wizwaz Says:

    WE are taught that it is pointless as a member of the lowly poor and needy to shout up at the big, powerful, rich politicians that it is impossible to survive without their help. It seems that they attempt to convince us again and again, that whatever piecemeal they offer us is an act of their benevolence, and not a statutory right. Sometimes they even almost have us believing it is their money they are giving us: “Oh, thank you, oh kind master, thank you for the few crumbs you so generously offer in my darkest hour, when I is so poor and becrippled and have no one to help me keep warm and feed myself. Thank you oh for your most humblin’ and ‘mazin’ offer sir”.

    Of course this is utter bull. The government are responsible for looking after the people in this country. The are our servants, our accountants. The government are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the sick, needy, vulnerable are given adequate resources, either to help them recover or to offer supportive or palliative care to increase their quality of life. This is what the government is responsible for USING THE TAX PAYERS’ MONEY. It is the mark of a civilised society to act in such a manner.

    Perhaps we are beyond civilised. Perhaps we have become as corrupt and unscrupulous as one of those rogue states, intent on favouring the rich and wealthy (bankers) whilst culling the population of the poor (in this instance by reducing their level of financial support potentially to zero and demolishing public services on which they are reliant for any kind of quality of life).

    But again, I reiterate, IT IS THE MONEY OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE WHICH IS BEING DIVERTED AWAY FROM THE NEEDY INTO THE HANDS OF THE GREEDY. People need to take more responsibility for how their taxes are spent, and kick up a stink if they don’t like it. What people tend to forget is that at any moment, their lives can be reduced to “benefit scrounging scum” as their lives collapse either through accident or illness. Only the most wealthy will survive such cataclysm.

    • Barbara Says:

      I would love to be there but due to lack of mobility cannot. I fully support the protest and am very grateful for those who can and do make it – thank you 😀

    • Sheena Says:

      I would love to be there but due to ill health and chronic continuous pain as well as lack of mobility I can’t. I fully support the protest and a huge thank you to those who can be there in person.

      I say if they want me to barely even exist then they can struggle along on the pittance they give us with our health conditions/disabilities as well. Lets see how fun they find it. I’m not a scrounger, if I could get a job working from home I would. I didn’t choose to lose my job because of my disability, I didn’t chose to be disabled and anyone who thinks its a cushy way of living needs to try to survive on what we’re paid! I think it’s disgusting that we don’t even get cold weather payments yet many of us have less mobility than pensioners!

  2. Crippen Says:

    I’d love to be on the actual march you guys, but like many of us Crips it’s not possible for me to be there.

    This idea of a virtual march is a fantastic idea and allows us all to participate in what’s going to be the biggest stand against the Tories since the Poll Tax protests.

    Disabled people united, can never be defeated!

  3. a ford Says:

    i suver with mentill illness on 15 tabs a day how can defend my self with a medical. on sychotic tabs 1.200 mg feel so tired every day so how can they treat me like this

  4. Matt Winter Says:

    To many things are wrong ESA, Cuts to services, hate based media campaigns, persecution of ill and disabled people and possibly DLA in the future I can not stand by and not air my feelings when this is so unjust, immoral, sickening and above all an inhuman way to treat the vulnerable in society who are not scroungers, many worked most of their lives and paid taxes before becoming ill or disabled or risked their lives on a battlefield for their country and now cannot work, cant make it to the march but our voices must be heard

  5. Unfortunatley, due to the nature of my disabilities, I can`t attend the march in Birmingham. I would love to be there with you to voice my anger and contempt towards the condems, and to feel the spirit of solidarity.
    The gross inequalities within our society need to be challenged. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen alarmingly. The condems are so far removed from the lives of ordinary people, living in their priviliged bubbles. The physical barriers, steel fence and large police presence at the conference serve to protect them from public outrage towards the cuts, and further distance them from the public who they are meant to be serving. The government are choosing to scapegoat sick and disabled people, who are the least able to fight back, for the deficit caused by greedy bankers. They are using their friends in the media to demonise benefit claimants in order to turn public opinion against vulnerable and disadvantaged people. How cowardly of the condems to attack the people least able to defend themselves! People with disabilities are already struggling to maintain their dignity and achieve a reasonable quality of life, without the added stress of being labelled scroungers and cheats. The threat of losing “benefits” has already caused deaths amongst us, and will continue to do so. We need to be remind this government that their cold, calculated bullying of the vulnerable is unacceptable and is not going to go unchallenged. We must unite and shout our side of the story out. Please know that although I cant be with you in body in Birmingham, I will very much be there in spirit! May the sun shine on you on 3rd October…….

  6. Our organisation would like to support the Protest movement of people with disabilities of UK, in defending their rights and fight against the cuts to disabled peoples’income. In the present economic crisis,people with disabilities, who are already at the bottom of the incomes’ scale, should not be deprived in their living conditions.

  7. rich Says:

    disabled people are being hit time after time after time in one of the most callous slights of hand we have ever experienced.

    We are being portrayed as responsible for the economic calamity that we are engulfed in. We are told we are lazy, work shy, work less scroungers and if we were not to claim benefits it would be to the countries benefit.

    No benefits, no money, no life.

    At the same time are services that support us and to enable us to live are under attack.

    No services, no support, no quality of life.

    Yet wouldn’t it be a good idea if restrictions were removed from local authorities so that they could charge outlandish prices for necessary services reckon the govt.

    No money, no services, no quality of life, no life.

    And yet they still think the solution for us is to work. yet more and more non disabledpeople are out of work, the competition is as hot as it as ever been for jobs and still we now we are discriminated against and kept out of the job market.

    No jobs, no money, no life.

    Its a scandal.

    Cits will kill.

  8. Judie McConway Says:

    I cannot be there physically, but will be there in spirit – I have marched many time in the past, to ban the bomb, to hasten the end of the Vietnam war, to protest against the Iraq war, and to end poverty – now, I just don’t think I could do it, but salute everyone who does….

  9. Damjan Tatic Says:

    A message from Damjan in Serbia

    Good luck with the march, keep the fighting spirit, as they said in Spain almost

    a century ago “Non pasaran”!

  10. Bano Murtuja Says:

    From Bano via Facebook

    Can’t attend I’m afraid, but wishing you every success. The cuts are bad enough. The manner and groups they have targetted dispicable.

  11. Hi All,

    I am not totally fit either but will travel from Scotland to fight on behalf of all the people who can both not attend or speak up for themselves as this is where my heart lies.

    Let us unite in their honour and do them proud.

    So if you can’t be with us in person you’ll be with us in spirit x

    This ones for ma PEERS all over the country xxxxxxx

    Susan Archibald – Scotland

  12. Maria Says:

    Please support the march on 3rd October in Birmigham. Write about it, blog it and tweet it. Write emails to the major newspapers, it needs to be talked about.

    Disabled people need the support to be equal to everyone else. It’s not special treatment, special benefits but simply our human right to be enabled by services and personal assistance to be able to live an independent life in a civil society.

    The cuts are unfair on too many disabled people and this should be made clear: we are not scroungers – the support we need is a civil right.

  13. Shaun Bradley Says:

    via facebook
    Shaun Bradley give em hell … x

  14. Anya-Nicola Darr Says:

    As if it isn’t bas enough to have your life cuts short by chronic illness wihtout them wanting to take away the little they give us. I am fed up of being made to feel like I got ill on purpose so I could scrounge of the system. No one in theri right mind would choose to live of benefits. Go get ’em!

  15. Jon Scott Says:

    I too cannot attend, but support this campaign.

  16. Anya-Nicola Darr Says:

    via face book
    Anya-Nicola Darr I can’t attend as too far for me but I will be watching assuming no BBC strike!LOL

  17. Charanjeet Kaur Sroye Says:

    Charanjeet Kaur Sroye I would march… if I was physically able too.

  18. margaret rothwell Says:

    I wish I could march but am unfortunately in a ME/CFS relapse at the moment and having to spend much of my time in bed. I had to fight several tribunals before receiving my DLA lowest rate award and it looks as though there will be more fighting needed to try and keep it. The constant harassment just wears me out and continually having to justify myself against wrongful accusations of scrounging in the media just adds to the illness by causing depression. This is all so wrong!

  19. Really sorry I can’t make it but I’ve been snowed under all week with work – Sunday is my one free day before the treadmill starts again and I really need to rest and get some spoons in the bank again. I’ll be there in spirit with all other disabled people.

  20. john ridley Says:

    ive been disabled since 1992 and have been on dla since 1994 every day i take a cocktail of drugs just to function this year i lost my 23yo daughter and blame my self as i have never been able to do normal fatherly things with her now all alone Mr Cameron and his Mickey mouse coalition government can have my pittance of a weekly allowance love to go to Birmingham but have enough to deal with at the moment my house is falling down around my ears and just dont have any funds to travel i cant even afford 1 a day let alone 5 so take what little i have it will go a long way to solve your defecit

  21. Jo Cowell Says:

    I served in the British Army in my past and thanks to the marching and drill and many many miles of walking I did then I am now crippled with severe Osteoarthritis in both feet,knees,hips,wrists and shoulders and am wheelchair dependant. I have also fought against the NHS for over 45 years to get recognition of a congenital connective tissue disorder that I finally got a diagnosis for earlier this year. Sadly due to these physical disabilities and lack of finances due to living well below the poverty line since 1994 when I was forced to leave work I cannot attend the march in Birmingham. I would like however to add my voice to those that are fortunate enough to attend.
    I am a human being with civil rights-the intentions of taking away what little I get now to live on is disgusting but merely demonstrates just how every single person that abides in this country will be punished,beaten and ignored by those that pretend to have good intentions. Meanwhile THEY will continue to get fat off the taxpayers and line their pockets and Swiss bank accounts with monies stolen from the public coffers! Those that work will be next…you’ll see!


  22. plsdontbend Says:

    I would like to extend my support to you and what you are doing there! I am in the States and want to say that we here, also have the same d*mn problem. We’ve (dh, both of us with cp) have been tempted to come across the seas because of the severe living conditions that are afforded to us here…well, I guess not.

    over 70% of the disabled population in the US is unemployed and the statistic has remain the same since 1960, when the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation began its’ survey of this problem.

    Less than 6% of housing in the US is accessable for disability use, since town homes (you refer to them as up/down, I believe) are more land thrifty and cheaper to build. And disabled acessable housing is more expensive to rent because of the 60+ boomers that they expect to rent these units can afford more posh accomodations. Even elderly HUD units have been pulled away from us (Housing of Urban Development). Since 202 prac (this is the ordinance) was introduced separating the disabled from the elderly, no new housing specific to disabled needs have been built (1992). Why HUD did this, was to 1) increase housing for the elderly and 2) to allow disabled people to interact with people their own age: yeah, right. The truth: put us in housing that puts us as risk. It places us in Family HUD units that leads to vandalism of our properties, harrassment (children can be cruel), and high crime areas that have daily gun fire.

    Many of those who choose to marry loose all benefits from Medicaid (national insurance), foodstamps, as well as support from other services, due to loss of Medicaid services (transportation, etc). If you choose to be married, you are in for a rude suprise. Don’t count on anyone helping you unless you want to declare yourself “incapable” of doing any form of self care and be placed on Waiver. Waiver, by the way is the ONLY form of care attendence available under Medicaid, and you must truly almost need a nursing facility according to guidelines.

    Don’t count on ADA assistanting you if you should fall. American’s with Disabllities Act, was rendered toothless back in Bush Administrations, pulling out any true assistance it could give:
    1. Does not fully protect you should you loose a job, because very few attorneys actually impliment ADA.
    2. Should you fall due to faulty ramping (which happens), or boxes misplaced in isles of stores, too bad! Get to the doctor, make sure you don’t have a concussion and go on. Few attorneys actually fight ADA lawsuits and lesser will support you in a trip and fall accident: stores are not liable.

    I am with you all in spirit and just wanted to let you know how it goes here, because in truth, it’s awful. My husband has threatened after receiving a Master’s degree in Education to simply burn his thesis on the Capital stairs, since there is no jobs available in counseling in house for disabled folk.
    Good luck!

    Hugs across the Sea,

  23. g brown Says:

    why dont you take all the motability cars from oaps age isnt a disability

  24. Kevan Dean Says:

    via facebbok Kevan Dean Sorry I cant be there but I will be thinking of you and wishing you well x

  25. Sonali Legge Says:

    via facebook Sonali Legge Will try to come but definitely will be there in spirit whatever! X

  26. Robin King Says:

    via facebook Robin King The group I represent will be there Debbie around 200 of us – I hope

  27. Anna parham Says:

    via facebook Anna Parham i cant make it with you all in spirit go fior it xx kick ass xx

  28. Gaynor Underhill Says:

    via facebook Gaynor Underhill Sorry I can’t make it. Will be thinking of you all and hope it goes well.

  29. Pandore Serial-Insomiac Says:

    via facebook Pandora Serial-Insomniac Sorry, I can’t make it to England this weekend. I’m wishing all of you all the luck in the world though – give ’em hell! x

  30. anon Says:

    You don’t know me, but I just had to Email you guy’s to say I am so very sorry that I cant attend this demonstration in person as I so truly wish I could, due to my not being able to travel Plus not being able to stand / walk for more than a few seconds max. But I just wanted to say it makes me proud that you guys are fighting our corner! May god be with you all on the day. Plus I would like to thank each and every one of you who have arranged this event, god only knows how much we need to make this evil government understand the life some of us have to live. bless each and every one of you. My heart will be with you all on the day.

    Most sincere gratitude

  31. anon2 Says:

    I cannot join you either but, it is critcally important to fight for a civilised society and support for those who are in need beit on a temporary or a long term basis. Will be there in spirit. regards all….

  32. Margaret Nuttall Says:

    Sorry I can’t be there in person, but I will be with you all in spirit. Good luck and best wishes.

  33. Penny Says:

    Again the most vulnerable members of society are being targeted by those with power. I fight every day of my life now just to get through each day in the best way I can, the meagre amount I get in benefits help me keep my last bit of independence, I am heartily sick of having to prove I am worthy of the benefits I am entitled to.

  34. Christine Says:

    I too cannot attend, due to disability and poverty, but will very much be there in spirit. The message that CUTS KILL needs to be shouted from every rooftop. The cuts are targeted at those of us who are already the worst-off – the disabled, mentally ill, carers, single parents struggling to get by, the unemployed, etc.

    I know people who have their suicide plans ready for if their disability benefits are cut off. It’s an appalling situation.

  35. Blu Says:

    I can’t get to the demo because I’m bedbound with severe ME. I cannot walk, I struggle to talk, and 90% of the time I cannot tolerate light or sound. Most of my communication is done by type or deafblind manual signing. I am hidden from public view due to my illness. Despite my attempts to communicate, I am voiceless because being disabled and in receipt of benefit apparently means my views should be ignored. Even my illness still carries stigma, to the point where I am facing the prospect of no NHS care whatsoever.

    I want more than anything to be at this protest, to at least add to the numbers even if I cannot speak. As this is impossible, as it is for many sick and disabled people, I ask you to speak for me.

    I also ask you to speak on behalf of my 17-year-old son, who has Asperger’s, yet has received no support on leaving school bar a £30 a week allowance. He is expected to pretend to be ‘normal’, expected to pretend that his condition doesn’t place barriers in front of him every day that affect his life. He is told that to do otherwise is making a fuss, being ‘difficult’, deliberately making himself difficult to employ.

    I ask you to speak on behalf of those elderly people who cannot be at the protest, who face losing winter fuel allowances, free travel, and other benefits. Everything we have in the UK is due to their lifetimes’ efforts. We owe them so much. To callously claim that the UK can no longer afford to support them is not only a lie but incredibly ungrateful.

    I ask you to speak for children, who may not be able to attend or speak at the protest either. Our future, whom this current coalition government sees fit to remove SureStart centres from. Who will increasingly face a school system that is based on profit rather than education. Who will then face a university career that will furnish them with a mortgage-level of debt if they are lucky, and will vilify them as feckless, lazy and workshy if they are not.

    I ask you to speak for those who cannot be there, or who cannot speak. Those who believe that society is not merely made up of economic units to be shunted around at will, but of people – who deserve to have their voices heard on an equal platform no matter their age, illness, gender, ability, race, religion, sexuity or financial status. Because this is something the current government do not wish to see.

    Thank you.

  36. […] If you are unable to make the protest, there is a virtual protest page here. […]

  37. Anne Says:

    Good luck and really sorry I can’t be there…

  38. Vambo Says:

    I will be with you in spirit. Thank you so much for organising this, for giving people like me a voice. I have severe mental illness and do not know how I will survive if benefit cuts go ahead. God bless you!

  39. Blu Says:

    Addendum to my comment above:

    Bludgeoning the sick and disabled off benefits will not make the country any more accessible to us, nor will it change how our disabilities affect us. Taking money and support from those least able to provide it for themselves is perverse. It is wrong. It is inhuman. As a society, we cannot allow this to happen. Health is never guaranteed, and those who are lucky enough not to need the already limited support the disabled get should remember that fact. Because it could be you next.

  40. angia dryden Says:

    sorry can,t be there but do support the cause.Cuts will effect some of the most vunerable people in our communities

  41. Sam Says:

    Hi i’m nearly 14 and have attended main stream school all my life.I have a lot of support coz of my cp, but am doing well and expect to get GCSE’s,A-levels and go to college.I want to contribute all I can to society.If these cuts get made how are younger kids who have the same extra needs as me supposed to be succesful.I use a communication aid and powerchair,just keepimg all my kit up to date costs a lot and then theres support staff.Without this support many of the young kids I know couldnt go to mainstream as they should.Just cos our bodies work differently doesn’t mean our ideas should be ignored. SAM

    • Fantastic! thank you so much for writing this Sam.

    • Sam Brackenbury Says:

      Thankyou for your honesty, get out there, raise awareness, remember, what YOU SAY can change things……It is not what is said that has an effect, but rather how it is said.

      Do not give up, dare to dream, think, and look at what type of world you wish to see, and then BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE!


  42. Debbie Says:

    I want to add that we have had support from disabled peoples’ organisations in Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Latvia, Spain and Bulgaria too -all of whom wish us well and support what we are doing either virtually or otherwise-they are shocked that the UK which is often held up an example of how things should be for disabled people is undergoing this attack on disabled people, independent living and sdisabled peoples’ rights

  43. petertan Says:

    It is disgusting how politicians who are supposed to work for the people trivialise disability issue to the extend that much needed fund are cut, leaving disabled people vulnerable and unable to live independently.

    As for us here in Malaysia, we are not even where you people are now as far as financial and assistive support is concerned but what you folks are doing, standing up for your rights is an inspiration that many of us here should learn and emulate in advocating for our rights.

    I regret that I can’t be there in person to be in solidarity with you all but you can be sure that I will be there in spirit.

  44. Jo Says:

    As a carer, working an eighteen hour day looking after my three disabled children and disabled husband, I would like to know which members of the Condem parties are prepared to state, categorically, that the disabled people of this country are not entitled to a reasonable quality of life. By removing the benefits that you intend to remove, and my making them less accessible, you are removing dignity and, as stated, the right to a reasonable quality of life.

  45. Julieanne Mason Says:

    It is unfortunate that health denies me the chance to go to Birmingham. Although my voice of protest is somewhat small; I am panicking at what the next weeks may show us. The very idea of having benefits cut really appals me; the Disability Living Allowance I receive is put towards the roof over our heads – without it we would be homeless – which would then mean we would not be independent cos we’d have to rely on payouts from the Government – correct me if I am wrong which is the better alternative – please tell me.

  46. Rebecca Says:

    While I will do my utmost to attend the protest, I also wish to leave comments in case I cannot physically get there.
    In 2004 I was an Executive Officer with the DWP. I managed the budgets for the West Midlands region offices. However by the April of that year I was unable to get out of bed due to intense pain. The DWP gave me several options, the details of which I am not allowed to disclose. Suffice to say that they admitted breaching the Disability Discrimination Act and I lost my career.
    In the time since then I have been treated, by the Department I dedicated over 12 years of my life to, like a theiving, lying scrounger.
    I did not choose to live in constant pain. I did not choose to live with cognitive dysfunction. I did not choose to have poor balance, a level of fatigue I didn’t previously know existed. I most certainly did not choose to lose my career and still do not want to have to live on benefits.
    As politicians do you seriously think that anyone would choose to lose a career earning in excess of £20k per annum in order to live like I now have to on £5k a year taxpayers handouts? If you do, then I suggest you try living my life for one week.
    I am aware that David Cameron had a son with complex needs, who tragically passed away. But, Mr. Cameron, you do not understand how the majority of disabled people are forced to live.
    It is not a case of us not wanting to work. It is a case of we cannot. We physically cannot. Even if there were employers out there who would employ us, we would still be unable to work.
    What you will do by further cutting disability benefits is push more disabled people even further into poverty. I know numerous disabled people who have been saving one or two tablets out of each prescription with the intention of suicide when your policies go through. They are barely surviving at the moment, any further action will have them unable to afford heating, light and food. At that point they plan to kill themselves. Many have already written letters citing your Governments actions as the reasons. The intention is to post these letters to multiple newspapers shortly before they intend to kill themselves.
    I would like to ask why it is, when fraud rates are far higher in both Income Support and Job Seekers Allowance, that your Government appears to be targetting Disability Benefits, informing newspapers that these have massive fraud rates. As a former employee of the DWP I know that the truth is that IS and JSA have rates of roughly 2.9% fraud. IB is almost half this at 1.5% fraud, while DLA barely has any at all at a mere 0.5%.
    The reason that DLA claims have increased is because more people are willing to claim the benefits that they are entitled to. The increase has nothing to do with fraud, have you actually tried claiming the benefit? It is extremely difficult to get, which is why the fraud rate is so low. 95.5% of claims are genuine people who need help. That money, that acknowledgement makes all the difference in the world.
    I am in receipt of Higher Rate mobility DLA and middle rate care DLA. This makes all the difference in the world to me. It gives me one tiny little bit of independence. It funds my mobility adaptations and aids. It means that I am able to volunteer as a tutor for the NHS helping others with long term conditions.
    Without DLA and IB I have no pride, no dignity. Without those I make no contribution and might as well lie down and die.
    If you can find me a job that I can do, then I will do it. However it will have to be a job that allows me to work at home, I struggle to use my hands so anything manual is out. I cannot sit for more than a few minutes, nor stand for more than a few minutes. My concentration levels are poor and I often struggle to get words out. I require at least 11 hours 24 minutes care aid per day (at present unfunded as my husband does it – perhaps your Government would like to pay for a carer?). I have fatigue levels due to a combination of my condition and medication – 13 different types per day – that often mean I am asleep on and off through the day. I am unable to get out of bed an average of 5 days per week. Perhaps you would like to employ me?
    No? Well, then perhaps you would care to allow me a reasonable quality of life? After all, there is a duty of care to the people of this country who will and do hold you accountable for your parties actions. I did not choose to have a disabling long-term condition. No-one choose disability and none of us chose a life of poverty and living on benefits. It is just the card we have been dealt.
    I challenge you all to spend a week living on what we currently do, let alone what you would have us live on. Any taker?

  47. Daisy Lyle Says:

    I am sorry that I won’t be able to attend the protest in person but would like to add my voice to the chorus of indignation at the atrocities the coalition government is currently inflicting on their poorest and most vulnerable citizens. I am daily amazed at the extents to which the people elected to represent us bend over backwards to protect the interests of big business while continuing to begrudge sick and sometimes dying people enough money to subsist on with dignity.

  48. georgina Says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot be there tomorrow. But I am fully disgusted with what is happening to us disabled people. In fact I would like to echo Rebecca’s comment. 99.5% of claims for DLA are genuine. I am one of the ones that are genuine, as are people who have commented here I am sure.
    If I was to lose this, then I become housebound as the car will need to go back, my husband would have to work. At present my husband is saving YOU the GOVERNMENT around possibly £25.000 a year by staying at home looking after me, making sure I am safe and that I can eat and drink. I also claim IS, as I didn’t qualify for IB.
    Rebecca has said everything else I would have said anyway, but I challenge YOU and the rest of the GOVERNMENT, to live maybe just a day in our shoes and put up with the c**p that we do.

  49. Rich Says:

    I would love for the people responsible for these cuts to come and meet me in person,spend a day in my shoes,try and live /exist as I do. I would love to be able to dress,wash,shower myself,be able to drive,then go to my well paid job,instead if living with the indignity of having someone dress me,wash me,help to the toilet, shower me.I would love my old wage, instead of having to struggle with the pittance that is dla. If my benefits stop,what sort of job would I able to do?would there be a carer with me at all times, as I can’t bend,can’t lift, and need plenty of rest. I have been advised to have 30 minutes rest in every hour.what are my options now you narrow minded imbeciles have taken my only lifeline (benefits)away.this country Is a shambles, I fir one won’t sit back and be treated like a 3rd class citizen.I was a hard worker until my disability put an end to my life as I knew it.I now not only have a job,but have no social life, I can’t do any of the things I used to do.why is this government punishing me for something that was way beyond my control?somebody needs to answer my and everyone else’s questions.will anybody come to meet me?of course not, the government don’t give a damn about of us.

    • Katie Rice Says:

      Hi Rich,

      I am working on a documentary for the BBC about how the cuts are effecting those with disabilities and would like to hear more about your situation.

      Please feel free to email at

      Kind Regards


  50. landscapeplayground Says:

    wishing all the one’s there all the best and thank you for giving us a voice. don’t know how much more i can cope with.

  51. firkhamhall Says:

    Would be great if people on the march all had banners saying;

    “Me + 1 as some of us physically can’t be here.”

    I think they would make great banners.

  52. Eleanor Leigh Says:

    Can I first thank all of you who attending tomorrow,I hope the weather stays dry for you.Why the hell do you the goverment think that I would want to live on Benefits,DLA is supposed to give me a better quality of life thats a bloody joke I can’t manage on ESA so the DLA helps with the bills yes I have motability because I need it,and thats only when I have the energy to go somewhere though as I live on my own I do have to go out and shop go to appointments my answer to the question how far can I walk without pain,Is not a bloody inch I’m in pain all day everyday,I have cronic fatigue fibromyalgia and a dose of arthritis thrown in for good measure.My old Life used to see me walking the Fells in the lake district a really enjoyable past time and one I really enjoyed,now I’m scared of putting a foot out of the door incase I’m told well you can get out so you can go to work,If they found me a job and i’m sure its a big IF I would probably get through the first two hrs then I would have to go on the sick again,now hows that for wasting goverment money.If you decide to take me off benefits then I will probably be put in prison as I will have to thieve my meals or starve to death,mind you prison would probably be the best option I would get all them luxurys,heating food company my washing done for me etc.You all drive round in your luxury cars eat at all the best restaurants have someone coming in to do all your housework,well you are so busy trying to put me into poverty.I would NEVER put the conservatives in power and I was even more stupid to vote for the Libs the first and last time I make that mistake,well the fact that you Nick Clegg got to help the Conservatives destroy this country you will never get the chance to stand for govement in your own right,hey and yes my memory is going I had to Google you as I forgot your name.Well I must close now as it is nearly my bedtime and I have no life to speak of.To you all out there tomorrow Thank you once again

  53. Tracey Hammerton Says:

    I’ve been in constant pain for nearly 3 years and on my bad days I have to crawl around the house and we are having to make major alteration to our house to make it easier for me on a daily basis. I am still fighting for a diagnosis, they have said it is some form of disease of my nervous system, but because of the state of my spine the risks out way the benefits to do a lumbar puncture.
    As they can not say what is wrong with me my DLA has been stopped and financially we are struggling. My husband is telling me that I need to find a part time job, but who is going to employ some-one who can not say whether they can not turn up for work when required? I can not walk without crutches or walking sticks even on a good day.
    I would love to be able to get on with jobs around the house without having to rely on my husband & children to do them for me. To carry on with helping out charities, where I was a group secretary for a Scout Group & Vice-Chair of a school committee, as well as working 3 part-time jobs as I was when I became ill.
    If you can tell me who will employ me in Wolverhampton with the problems I have, then great, I will do my best to work. I do not like having to take hand outs from the state, I am 40 and have been working since I was 13 till I was 37, even when my children were babies I worked evening & weekends to bring in a salary to save us struggling.

    • Cary Brown Says:

      It’s not a hand out Tracey! It’s what you’re entitled to after 24 years paying contributions to this country. It’s disgraceful that you and others are being made to feel like that especially when the Tories are enacting policies which will destroy 1000s of jobs.

    • kaydee Says:

      Tracy. I hope you get to read this. You said your DLA has been stopped because they can’t diagnose what’s wrong with you.
      Receipt of DLA doesn’t have to be supported by a diagnosis. DLA is based on how your disability affects you. You were already on DLA & I’d advise that you get a Welfare Rights Officer or someone from CAB to help sort this out & get your DLA reinstated.

      Good Luck.

  54. angiedryden Says:

    Hi there, being a computor dinasaur i wonder how a quick share link to and from facebook etc could access wider virtual support ?.Any suggestions

  55. Karen Says:

    I am a disabled person in work – hanging on to my job by the thinnest of threads. When – and it is when, not if, – I cannot work any more as my condition is deteriorating, do I become a scrounger overnight? I have already been retired from one career on ill health grounds. When this happens again, you tell me what job I will be fit for then?I have worked all my life, only having time off for childbirth and illness, yet I am facing the prospect of having to beg for any scraps of money this Condem governement allows me. At this same time they are feathering the nests of the bankers and stock market workers who caused the recession in the first place. We are one step away from becoming labelled as ‘useless eaters’ and we all know the upshot of that policy. I cannot be at the march due to my impairment stopping me walking – but my heart will be with you all. Thank you for doing this.

  56. Patricia Phillips Says:

    I wish I could join you on the protest but unfortunately, I can only walk a few yards.

    Before I received my DLA I had no quality of life whatsoever. Receiving it has made the world of difference, and has allowed me some dignity and a sense of purpose. I used to be ashamed at how I was living, and now I can afford to get people to help me with the basic necessities in life, like cooking, cleaning and shopping.

    This has made a world of difference, and my life would be shattered if this was taken away, making me question whether life was worth living at all.

    We need to get the government to reconsider these their plans before lives are lost through despair and neglect.

    Thank you.

  57. Jill Goble Says:

    Thanks to everyone who is going to protest for us tomorrow. I wish I could be there with you and will be thinking of you all. It would just be so hard with the COPD not being able to breathe and expensive to get there from Brighton and I am anxious my bipolar is telling me that the Tory Condemnation govt are the sons of devils like my ex-husband so couldn’t be responsible for my actions… Plus it is easier for the authorities if I stay here and let the men in white coats take me to their expensive locked psycho ward or prison. Far more expensive than keeping me on benefits in the community as I have been safely these last few years but no you’d rather drive me psychotic and a danger Mr Rich Tory Fascists calling me and my people scroungers and letting your rich friends get away with billions in tax evasion and bankers freebie bonuses and then blameing it on us.

    Well I’m doing what I can online to protest this oppression and injustice for as long as I can…

    Take Care Tomorrow and remember what Bob Marley said:

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

  58. evette Says:

    these benefit reforms are pure discrimination. it’s all very well talking about getting people off benefits, and that no one will be worse off in work. yes we do know that there are people out there who could work, but there are many people who would love to be able to work but can’t due to there disability. are we gonna be worse off? yes we are. one of the reasons being that due to our disabilities we cannot travel/fight as much as able bodied people.

    we all know about the dwp being told to reject people when they know the person is entitled to more just to save money, how many more dirty tactics are we gonna see, and when will they realise how much they are affecting our lives.

  59. Last year, at the height of the MPs’ expenses scandal, I thought, for sure, they could never again try to vilify and misrepresent social security recipients as scroungers and get away with it. How wrong could I be? The hypocrisy of Cameron & Osborne et al. is almost beyond belief.

  60. Fiona Art Says:

    I don’t want to be scared and worried to live my life with the limited money I have because I am anxious that at any time in the next 2 years I am going to loose the money and become more and more isolated, depressed and in pain. Help me belive this is not going to create a spiral of poverty! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!

  61. L Hopkin Says:

    If they get their way and cut my benefits my son will be expected to provide my personal care. Well it will be over my dead body because I’d rather die than have him wash my personal places.

  62. I would love to be there but due to health problems and lack of finance I cannot but boy I am so there in spirit and will watch with anticipation. You have taken away my DLA due to politics the ‘cuts’ but you are taking money away from the wrong people. I am an left leg amputee that urology problems they tell me that I can change my own bed at night 3 times. They say that I need no help in other parts of my life. I am so angry but I WILL appeal the decision and take it all the way to tribunial.

  63. Joe Says:

    I can’t be there due to lack of spoons. Thanks to everyone who is marching. I’ve been feeling very low due to the extent of the cuts announced. Really been wondering if it’s worth going on.

  64. Nabil Shaban Says:

    Britain is suffering a WAR-TIME economy. The so-called “peacetime” deficit is a FICTION. The politicians and national media are lying to us. The WARS are draining the funds away from us, the People.STOP THE WARS and we will start getting our services, our lives, our civilised back. The government, the secret services keeping trying to scare us with fictional threats of terror attacks, so that we will accept the continuous theft from public welfare, healthcare, education and arts. Britain is at war, Europe is at war. NATO countries are all being conned into paying for America’s wars, so that the Yanks can steal and own natural resources of foreign lands. Struggle to stop our Government from waging these Imperialist wars and we will get our services back.

  65. My elder sister and her son, both suffering and struggling with their mental health and and lack of resourses and inhumanity from their local authorities both took their life 2 years ago.In the case of my sister aged 52 yrs she took her life after recieving letters from D.L.A and the local housing benefits department that both these benefits had been stopped. While on benefits she had lived a life of abject poverty and humilation by the meagre handouts of her benefit’Awards’system,after attempting suicide the fist time she was systematically locked up in a secure ward for ‘observation’ then released to finish the life she lived…without the will to protest..(due to the fact that she was unable to walk due to osteoporosis ..from the fact that she was tormented daily by ‘voices’, she was deemed fit for work.This gave support to her claim that she was really was a burden to society and her own family.Unable to cope with his mothers loss my nephew 27 yrs and autistc took his own life two weeks later.
    I know she would be supporting your protest today against the imposed cuts…good luck and stay safe!!!

  66. To all todays’s marchers and protesting from home-rs like me..

    Wish I could be there and with you in spirit!

    Did my bit to fight the fash this morning on BBC

    Hoping you all get lots of media coverage.. it seems the media is our strongest ally in modern activism.


    With you in spirit

    (D.A.N. the disabled people’s Direct Action Network)

    Free Our People!

  67. […] Please write your message of protest  below by leaving your comments…. via […]

  68. Cary Brown Says:

    I was going to go but found myself in too much pain this week to be able to walk on the demo and travel there from Wales.
    I hate the way the Tories are attacking the disabled and less fortunate because they think we have no power.
    But be assured there are 3 coachloads of people travelling from Swansea alone. So they all feel as we do.

    Don’t lose heart anyone! That way they win. We will win in the end and bring these shameless Tories down!!!!
    I won’t give up and I’ll fight them to my last breath!

  69. […] in Birmingham, we have been given an on-line alternative. Click on the following link to access the virtual protest web site and leave your comment which will be read out during the march in […]

  70. […] Please write your message of protest  below by leaving your comments…. via […]

  71. Samantha Says:

    As a person with a disability, and as someone who works with people with mental health problems, I am disgusted, appalled and frankly ashamed of this government’s attitude and scapeguarding of disabled people. They are deliberately targeting the most vulnerable in our society, labelling them scroungers and cheats, as a smokescreen for the failures of the current and past administrations, and the greed of the financial sector. Noone wants to be on benefits. It is not a lifestyle choice. It is not a life at all, rather a demoralising existence, without the discrimination, targeting and bullying of the government, backed by the media and readers to stupid to question what they are told to think. We are marginalised enough in this society, without the bile, hatred and blame. The current medical tests, tribunals, planned changes, are hugely detrimental to people’s wellbeing. The attitude to assume one is lying unless proven otherwise is disgusting and unacceptable. Wish I could be at the protest today. My placard would read ‘SHAME ON YOU’.

  72. Andy Says:

    I have CFS/ME so unfortunately won’t be able to attend. I think the reason the government is so eager to attack the disabled and ill is because they are less able to fight back. It’s quite sickening.

    I have been ill with this for 10 years and in that time continued to struggle desperately with part time work. Even after being made redundant last year I did not go on to claim JSA or ESA, instead relying on my savings.

    However when it has come down to claiming ESA as I became desperate, it has been one of the most horrible, stressful, tiresome and humiliating experience I have ever gone through.

    I have been deemed ‘fit for work’ due to the hugely inadequate and unfair ATOS medical. I am currently trying to appeal that decision which uses even more of my energy from low reserves.

    Adding to this, the current media hysteria over ‘benefit cheats’ means I am afraid to leave the house these days in case I am being filmed or reported. I was able to get out and about for short periods as long as I took it easy and paced myself and was able to get plenty of rest afterwards. I have not hidden this fact. But since claiming benefits and seeing all the news articles, I feel extremely paranoid about doing so.

    I would love to work, but there doesn’t even seem to be any support for getting someone like me into a part time role with an understanding employer who understands the condition and my limitations.

    I really hope something can change. I am quite sick of the current situation, I didn’t ask for any of this.

  73. jac podevin Says:

    There in spirit of co-operation with all you guys have DID cant travel long way
    thanks for the chance to virtually protest – jac

  74. […] But there were many protestors, non disabled and disabled, students, trade unionists, the Green Party – we were not on our own – and they came from all over the country. We had disabled people from as far as Dundee – thank you for joining us Susan Archibald and from London, thank you ALFIE, from Manchester and we had messages from disabled people, locally and overseas, who could joined us virtually. […]

  75. […] the Midlands Media Awards. And most recently, the blog’s feature of interactivity was used for a virtual protest on the government financial policy with disabled. For a moment I thought people in Birmingham […]

  76. Sarah Says:

    I am disabled with both physical and mental health problems. For months now, I have been worried sick about all the benefit cuts due to happen, wondering how I will live and survive and sinking further and further into depression so severe, I am one of those who feels suicide would be the only way out.

    Having heard David Cameron’s speak about protecting the sick, old and vulnerable, I could feel my jaw drop to the floor in sheer disbelief at the lies coming out of his mouth. Not only am I worried about meeting my bills, the medical re-assessments despite being awarded DLA indefinately, but I have now after 7yrs of having direct payments been told I must pay £200 per month towards my care. The financial assessment was an humiliating experience in itself,carried out by an inexperienced person who did not do a full assessment, had no interest in my disabilities, how it affected me or disability related expenditure but came with the intention of making sure I got put on the list as one more person paying a contribution regardless of my circumstances. This exercise is like putting a taxation on disability. I have now been forced into the position where I have put two workers into the unemployment bracket because I cannot afford to pay that contribution when I am struggling enough just to survive. What angers me more is that in order to assess the cost of what they wanted me to contribute, they disregard only low mobility – therefore taking the care component of DLA away to pay for Direct Payments. In addition, local authorities do not have to charge users for Direct Payments as the DOH gave them discretionary powers to do so. It has become a post-code lottery. The care component of DLA was never intended to pay for care provision. It was a government estimation of what we needed to live on for day to day and disability related expenses because of our disabilities.

    The government are now doing a complete u-turn and as mentioned above, this will kill people.

  77. Jessie Says:

    I cannot understand why this website has done nothing about the spending review announcements.. Has everyone given up and booked into Dignitas?

  78. Jessie Says:

    It would help if you put the most recent comments at the top of the page, instead of having to scroll all the way down.

    We need a website where all disabled people facing crisis as a result of the spending review can join together and fight back. This site already exists but why no comments since 5 days BEFORE the spending review?? I know of many disabled people who are very frightened, in fear of their ability to keep their homes, heating, food even their lives.

    If this is a virtual protest page for those who cannot attend marches, where is everyone?

    The media has led an assault on disabled people and the long term ill that is unprecedented. Misinformation to the public must be corrected. The true nature of the ESA medicals neeeds to be explained to the public, who will be horrified to hear what is really happening, with seriously ill, disabled, terminally ill and people with severe mental health problems all being declared fit for work. This is causing so much anxiety many people have experienced a deteroration in their conditions.
    The bankers will pay 2 billion for causing this mess, we will pay 18 billion,be abused in the street and quite possible living in it too –
    because they are counting on us to be to weak to fight back. If you can type, you can fight.

  79. If you look at the side bar underneath pages – the latest comments are up there. The virtual protest page was initially set up for the 3rd Oct protest.

  80. Jessie Says:

    Yes, thank you I understand that. But what is the point of protesting about cuts BEFORE the Spending Review if that protest stops AFTER they actually have been announced? Now we know the true scale of what is to happen, we know the reality of what is to come. this is the time therefore to really fight back and provide details from individuals as to how they will be affected. The more personal impact stories there are, the more likely the media will take an interest. AT the moment the media has largely ignored the impact on the sick and disabled because there is no voice speaking for them. Where are the disabled charities speaking out on what it means for thier members? Too busy keeping quiet protecting their own grants to keep their own jobs I suspect. This site exists, why not use it?

    • Debbie Jolly Says:

      The protest on October 3rd was before the Spending review-yes. But if you remember before the spending review there was an emergency budget which also announced a whole set of miseries in the form of cuts that would effect disabled people lives-thats why we had the protest on October 3rd-it was against cuts. The virtual protest page was an opportunity for people who could not attend to give their opinions on the blog and be included in the protest

      • Jessie Says:

        i am sorry if people have misunderstood the way I phrased my post .. My point was NOT that there was “no point” in protesting BEFORE the cuts – I am well aware of all the previous announcements and I am grateful to all those who took part in protests, either in person or online. My point was there is an even bigger need to KEEP protesting AFTER the Spending Review was announced and I was just surprised there had been no more comments since, that’s all.

        I understand the idea of a virtual protest page. It is a brilliant idea. I too am unable to attend any protests in person. I am mostly housebound myself. In fact I have not been out of the house since June. So a virtual protest page is vital for me as for many others. I just wanted to try and restart the “Virtual protest” idea and this seemed like a good place, since it was already in existence.

        I hope that clears up any misunderstanding and that people will keep posting or protesting in any way they can. I wish all those on the Mad Pride protest today well and thank them for going. I hope it makes the News!

      • no misunderstanding taken! thank you for your comments and keep protesting where/how you can! Join us please! subscribe to the blog etc, we are working hard to keep the momentum going and will let you know whats happening where etc.

  81. Jill Goble Says:

    Hi Jessie

    What do you mean noone is doing anything? Mad Pride are publically executing a politian tomorrow!

    Seriously people are protesting online all over Twitter and Facebook etc but I agree with you there is not much coordination. Also this page was started just for the 3rd October protest. I think a whole online protest site would be a good idea for everyone to get together and plan online action. Like boycotting the businesses whose bosses signed a letter in the paper supporting the cuts and things like that which can be done online rather than having to try to get to demos which is impossible for many of us.

    I would have suggested a Ning site which is platform on which we have Creative Cafe and where every member gets their own webpage etc but they have now got payment plans from $20 a month instead of free like that used to be. We pay our fees from adverts but that may be unrealistic for a protest site. I wonder what others thing about the need to have more coordinated protest action online?

    Bye for Now

    • I am glad this discussion is happening here. A few of us DPAC members are going to be at the Mad Pride protest and we will be writing about it and tweeting about it.
      We would be happy to coordinate a protest page and have links to the different sites that are going on. But between administrating the Facebook page and this site and the twitter page – and going to the protests – there is a lot of work and we are disabled people doing this who are also trying to live a life. We have just written up a ‘ about’ page – We are getting a list of orgs to put on the link page.

      I agree about Ning – it is now a paying platform – also you need to login each time. And unfortunately, Ning is not accessible for people who use text readers. This blog is set up also for people who do not want/object to have a facebook account.

      So feel free to comment here for the moment and lets see what happens. I will set up another page for the discussion to continue.

    • rich Says:

      best of luck with mad pride

      i’m looking forward to finding out which politician you will execute (i presume it will symbolic).

      love the idea of boycotting the companies that signed the letter. I felt they got far too much coverage in the election and should butt out of politics or realise the consequences. But then again i guess we all have a right to a voice.

  82. Alison Says:

    I am there in spirit. Like many others there are several reasons I can’t get there today.

    I was there on the last and the effort took a long time to recover from. I also cannot afford to get there- being in a marginalised employment role which is soon to disappear, with the future promise of no jobs (and the discrimination we all face in recruitment)and few benefits- a train ticket to Birmingham in beyond my means

  83. Barbs Says:

    I am protesting about the horrific cuts to the benefits and the degrading ‘medicals’ of ATOS and all the other cuts that are going to be affecting the poorest the hardest. I find these cuts and policies inhumane!! What happens to a disabled person when they are forced to start a job then cant do it because the ’employment advisor’ doesnt understand their needs correctly’. They then have their benefits cut or stopped comepletly. This is the most inhumane thing I have ever heard of and as I am unable to attend a demonstration due to my mobility problems I am putting me protest here!! Am horrified by these cuts, horrified sickened and disgusted – also worried about being able to keep a roof over my head.

  84. Jessie Says:

    Protest against the cuts song for Christmas Number One!

    Please support protest by downloading Captain Ska song “Liar Liar” released on 12th December 2010

    View on You Tube

    and Facebook campaign.

  85. Sue Brock Says:

    On behalf of my beautiful 17 year old autistic son thank you for “fighting” for the life (!) of people with disabilities and serious ill health. As a lone parent and full time carer I rely on state benefits. With the vile attack on all those on any sort of benefits who knows what position we will be in this time next year? My son and I cant afford a cut in our benefits and I know that what ever ATOS may say my son will never be able to work. So give my message to the government —– my son has the right to life!

  86. Julia Cameron Says:

    I have been on several anti cuts protests so far but doubt I’ll manage many more. Fear about the impact of these dastardly cuts combined with pushing myself physically especially in this cold weather have already worsened my impairment and if I’m not careful I could go on a downhill spiral that’ll be hard to break. I hate, hate, hate not being able to protest physically but really welcome this virtual protest page. In fact I think it should be a separate website in itself, with photos, videos etc (but unfortunately not capable of setting this up). The way things are going my death would not be a blow for freedom. In fact the opposite, so I’ve realised one of the most radical things I can do now is to keep myself alive and at least able to talk, blog, comment etc etc.

  87. Jessie Says:

    I agree with you Julia. Well done for attending the protests, despite ill health. I am housebound so unable to. But even trying to campaign online and deal with all the attacks in the media has made my condition much worse too. I think the same is true for many of us. We must take care of ourselves and stay alive first but continue to protest virtually whenever possible. The message must get out there that the worry and stress of this onslaught on the most vulnerable is actually making people even sicker, increasing visits to GPs etc, damaging mental health which will all only increase costs in the long run.

  88. Sam Brackenbury Says:

    Bad Chest means I cannot be in London, Please convey my complete digust to Nick Clegg, and his buddy “Diabolical Dave”… May they ROT!

  89. Em Says:

    Wish I had known about this sooner!
    I’m a carer, and have to shield my caree from as much of this governments nonsense as possible.
    If he knew how bad things were going to get, he would be distraught…or worse could happen 😦
    We don’t qualify for DLA, but the way they are going to cut the rest of his benefits when we are just getting by means that we are facing a bleak future to be sure.
    I’m disgusted with this government, with the way they have portrayed the disabled as scrounging, lazy layabouts who have no desire to work. How wonderful for them that are able bodied!!
    I may not be able to support you in person, but you have my support nonetheless.

  90. doug Says:

    some people like myself are disabled due to work related accidents or ilness. now they say we can work again? yet for years we have been excluded due to what happened. Industrial accidents cause a big no no because insurers do not like people like us.
    now dispite my disabilities I am a full time carer for my wife, If I go to work she would need outside care. The money I have saved govn! Now care has gone.I lost help I got due to cuts. THEY WANT THERE CAKE AND EAT IT!
    Those who can protest best of luck keep up the good work.

    • Debbie Jolly Says:

      DPAC wants to thank all who have taken the time to write, express their opinions and help support DPAC. The stories and impacts of the cuts are heartbreaking, unfair and unjust. But we are strong and will fight with whatever means we have- soon there will be a post detailing what can be done from home in the fight in 2011!

  91. harvey cowe Says:

    we desperately need to support our organisations, I mean organisations that have an allegiance with the Disabled People’s Movement rather than the organisations that government and local authorities are setting up to take over the personalisation agenda.

    Oliver and Barnes (2006) questioned whether we can we rely on the big charities to fight for our right to exist, particularly if it conflicts with Government policy and we no longer have a strong disability movement to represent our views. While I share this concern I believe that the same question could be asked about some of the newly emerging user led organisations and centres for independent living.

  92. You might like to read our newest blog where we question just that.

  93. Jason Pullen Says:

    Ok, long story about the UK government providing incitements for suicide to a severely head-injured man….severely head-injured by the UK govenment.
    I was given these injuries in April 1990, and hence registered as disabled for life due to the brain damage suffered. My mother had made arrangements prior to my injuries to retire to Spain, ..and was hence forced to take me with her to care for me. The previous Conservative government promised me, afer some argument, a full pension for life wherever I settled to suffer in the world, as my reasons for being abroad were as a direct result of their mistakes in causing my injuries. The Labout government in their idiocy, cut my pension as I was abroad, although this was because of them, and then ignored any requaest I made to rectify this.
    My mother died, 16 years prior to her mother’s age on death, due to the additional stresses and strains received from me due to these injuries.. Government murderers?
    I tried to survive on my cut pension and was forced to move into the cheapest country in Europe – Bulgaria, where I am now. I have asked and asked and begged… no avail, but thought this would eventually be ‘repaired’ as the Conservatives returned to power – No Hope. Due to the head-injury suffered with all it’s strange aspects about my need to be heard, I wrote all around the world explaining how corrupt and bad the UK government are, ..and was strangely arrested by the Bulgarian Police because the UK government were upset about me telling the world the truth about them – their ignorance and discriminsation and manipulation and robbery of the life I could have led if not for them – ..and hence asked not to write anywhere again. This’ll probably get me arrested again.
    Due to the injuries suffered I suffer from suicidal tendencies, a listed condition of head-injury, but the government are seemingly attempting to incite this, thinking, ‘We caused this…but if we get him to kill himself we can just turn our heads…(and smile that the truth is properly hidden again)
    The Uk government are unwilling to accept responsibility for what they do – they shout at anything correct and beneficial…as this may earn them more money to waste…and shuffle anything wrong under the carpet… Shruggung thier Official shoulders and sayng to the disabled disabled by them to be quiet and suffer. We should ot ask if we can rally against them – just do it. Ok, we’ll get arrested and placed in custody…bt when a few hundred disabled people victimized by the UK government are seen doing a rally..the newspapers will listen and hence the public will hear – and react as one day…something may happen to them…
    The only reason the government make Cuts is due to thier wasting money in other areas…and hence being unable to provide what the disabled are entitled to. They stole my entitled pension for years…and hence my relevant opportunities lost because of this – for example, my winning ticket I was prevented from buying because of them in January 2006 – the Euromillions lottery – due to thie theft of my entitled pension, effect stole £100,000,000 from me.. Another Government cut? Who else have they stolen opportunity from.
    If I am arrested the disabled population of the UK must act – Burn the house!

    • chris Says:

      jason get in touch

      • Jason Pullen Says:

        Hi Chris, ..what’s up. I have a new letter that I have deicided to write(Strange for me!) Here it is!

        —– Forwarded Message —–
        From: Jason Pullen
        To: “” ; “” ; “” ; “”
        Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 3:12 PM
        Subject: Fw: I canno t see what to do…help me please.

        —– Forwarded Message —–
        From: Jason Pullen
        To: “” ; “” ; “” ; “”
        Cc: “”
        Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 2:55 PM
        Subject: Fw: I cannot see what to do…help me please.

        —– Forwarded Message —–
        From: Jason Pullen
        To: “” ; “”
        Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 2:24 PM
        Subject: Fw: I cannot see what to do…help me please.

        —– Forwarded Message —–
        From: Jason Pullen
        To: “” ; “” ; “”
        Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 1:17 PM
        Subject: Fw: I cannot see what to do…help me please
        —– Forwarded Message —–
        From: Jason Pullen
        To: “” ; “” ; “” ; “”
        Cc: “” ; “” ; “” ; englandhelpline
        Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 1:13 PM
        Subject: I cannot see what to do…help me please.

        To the mental health people working in the UK government offices.
        I write to you because I cannot do anything because of the manner in which my mind does not work well because of the injuries the UK government caused me to suffer, and because of the difficulties I experience because of this. Please help me. What can I do? What do I do? Who can I contact? WHo do I contact?
        I suffered severe head-injury as a direct result of the government – an army coach driver could not drive! – and I am having many difficulties because of this.
        1. I was told that as my injuries were caused by the UK government I would receive a full pension for life although I have been taken from the UK to abroad because of the injuries caused by the UK government and hence my disabilities and hence my certifiecation of unfit-for-work for life and hence my mother who had made prior arrangements to retire abroad was forced to take me with her – and…due to the additional stresses and strains caused by my injuries caused by the UK government she died early – Government murderers?
        2. This was cut by the previous party many years ago and because of the difficulties I have with memory and decision making and action/reaction I have been unable to rectify this mistake that has caused me – due to the suicidal tendecies I have received fro the injuries caused by the UK government, ..wishes to often jump under the next car etc…as yet I have not acted upon these ideas… – The previous conservative party said I would have a full pension for life as the injuries I suffered were because of the uK government.
        3. My DLA was cut…although this is apparently because I have been thrust into the disabled workd by the UK government and hence my mother was forced to take me to where she had made prior arrangements to retire to SPain and hence I was forced by the UK government into becoming an expat and then robbed accordingly… Suerely as the reason for my becoming an expat being because of you, cannot do this.
        4. I was forced into a head-injury induced overreaction and I threatened Gordon Brown who wanted me to suffer as he made no attempt to study relevant details when he was cutting this that and the other to put more money in his pocket, and this caused me to be arrested by the Mafia friendly Bulgarian Police – where I had gone after my mother died early due to the effects of that caused by the UK government murderers – and this arrest is actually discrimination as it was caused by the irresponsibility and ignorance of the UK government..
        5. When I came to Bulgaria I met a Bulgarian disabled lady called Stanislava and, ..things clicked…and we married. This is now failing due to the stresses and strains caused by the UK government robbery of my entitled funds and hence the manner in which I seem to approach each new day I suffer due to the UK government…I am snapping at everybody about everything as I have been disabled by the uk government and robbed by the uk government abnd abandoned by the UK government… Obviously no time limit can be placed upon this, within 1 month for example, as I have memory difficulties and decision-making difficulties and action/reaction difficulties caused by the injuries caused by the UK government.
        What can I do? The UK government owe me for the total sum of funds they have stolen from me, plus compensation for the oportunities they have stolen from me because of this robbery, and hence I have missed out on places I could have gone to….and people I could have met..and things I could have done…
        What can I do? I cannot afford a lawyer – as you refused me legal-aid as I am abroad…because of the UK government, ..and on reapplication I was refused as I have property – capital – which was brought from the money I was given because of the injuries the UK government caused me and I was told this would never be taken into account in any calculation of supposed capital I have. I want legal aid to sue the UK government for robbery of my entitled pension as I am disabled because of them and hence certified unfit-for-work for life because of them and hence I was taken abroad because of them and my mother died early because of them and hence I was forced to relocate into the cheapest country in Europe because of them and hence I met my disabled wife because of them and hence this is now failing because of them etc etc etc etc.
        I write to you because I cannot do anything because of the manner in which my mind does not work well and because of the difficulties I experience because of this. Please help me. What can I do? What do I do? Who can I contact? WHo do I contact?
        Jason Pullen NH103083d
        (The postal service does not deliver here(Email me) but my address is Complex Briz, 1 – Trakata – Varna – Bulgaria(No post code as mail does not get delivered here!)

  94. Jessie Says:

    Please support the Mumsnet campaign to stop the abolition of DLA. After the Riven Vincent story all over the press Mumsnet is now on board. They make headlines.

  95. Sorry i can’t attend as i have coppers in my family but i do think david cammeron should respect us only for a remark of respect for his disabiled son.

  96. Stephen Daniels Says:

    I’m disabled and I dont like being like it, like a lot of other disabled don’t like being like it. What I want to know is why the Government HATE us (disabled) so much. What really is their agenda??? What ever it is, it is not for our (disabled) benefit.

  97. John Harbron Says:

    We appear to be fighting a losing battle in Stoke.

  98. John Harbron Says:

    The Disabled are getting a really bad deal in Stoke because of the looming of the only warmer water pool in the area.

  99. lillly Says:

    The shake up of the nhs and more responsibility for doctors totally contradicts the fact that consultants and doctors are being ignored when it suits them for esa and dla claims,
    On one hand they shake it up to reform nhs and give docs more powers but on the other they are saying they dont trust the docs when they say we are unfit for work.
    big society more dislocated and disgusted society.

    • Starvation Says:

      exactly lilly those assessments are actually damaging patient/doctor relationships. As with Goverment calling them liers it leaves many in doubt on there own doctors perfomance of treatmennt and confusing the patients when one department says one is unfit for work and another says one is fit for work its a contradiction towards patient needs. Even just attending those assessments one is putting a judgement on ones own doctors proffesional outcome of diagnosis. Its about time doctors and nurses started speaking out and challenging Government on those assessments.

  100. Martin Says:

    I would like to come and support this action I would be greatful if someone could send me some information or email me with some contact details

  101. Debbie Says:

    artin click on link for mumsnet and that should have the info if thats the one you mean

  102. Debbie Says:

    mean Martin of course too fast to send sorry

  103. […] the TUC are working closely to provide greater access to the march and will be helping provide a virtual protest map for those who physically cannot be present on the […]

  104. Jason Pullen Says:

    To everyone – especially the people that can hlp!
    Dear DWP Corruption.
    What can I do? You speak of rights, but due to my difficulties in understanding what to do due to the brain-injuries I suffered because of the UK government I cannot understand what I can do. I am owed so much money – hence the excessive claim!, ..which is always ignored…but I need help. Because I have been, in effect forced to relocate to the cheapest country in Europe because my dead mother can no longer assust me financially – Government murderers!(She died early because of the difficulties caused by the injuries the UK government caused me to suffer!) – and because I was made disabled by them and hence relocated because of them, I have met and married a disabled Bulgarian lady – can be be interviewed on TV…so I can gurgle and cry and throw things about, ..and you can quietly say ‘ you can see, ..the Corrupt UK government take no actions in respect of the people they have made disabled and RUINED their lives! I suppose he, Jason here, could be thankful that he has at least met a similar lady(Disabled) due to the injuries the government provided him… What can I do?
    Dance naked screaming outside No.10 – a 1 man riot(I have no friends because of the injuries the government caused me to suffer…I am a social independant always – I will not go out to socialize…

    I have written to the HUman-rights bureau but they just fob me off as ALL the UK government offices do.
    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Jason Pullen
    To: “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “”
    Cc: “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “” ; “”
    Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:24 PM
    Subject: Discrimination?

    I forgot! – Head-injury! This is addressed to the Newspapers but I want the law societies and other addressies to know about it. I want the whole world to know how bad England now is, but who to write to. I’ll look for a newspaper that deals with world-corruption.

    In Life, sometimes people are in some way deficient, and for example, perhaps have no car…or no where to live, ..or no television…or perhaps they have no phone and for this reason the newspa[ers discriminate against them…
    As you are for example. Because people have no phone their reports and articles are never shown to the public…
    I have no phone and although I have sent you article after article after article, you are forcing me to waste my time in my attempt to show the world how bad the UK government are…
    Let me remind you.
    I am disabled because of the UK government. I am hence certified unfit-for-work for life, I was hence taken abroad as a giggling-moron by my now dead mother – in effect murdered by the government because of the difficulties the government pressed upon me and hence the additional strains caused by these injuries… I try to inform the public, my human-right, and am constantly rejected by your editior as I have no phone… What can this be described in a court of law as?
    Discrimination against the fact that I have been made poor by the government…or maybe discriminated against because I have been thrust into the mentally disabled(The government call this ‘Mentally Challenged!) by the UK government.
    In effect you are hiding the truth from the Public.
    The government are bad, corrupt, and they themselves discriminate against people they have made disabled due to the injuries the relevant persons or people have suffered due to the UK government.
    Gordon Brown began this crime, ..robbing my entitled pension because I was taken abroad by my mother who needed to care for me – and hence died doing so!, …and then he ignored all requests I made for him to rectify just 1 of his many mistakes…
    Then of course David Cameron followed in his footsteps…. I have read that David Cameron has never had a proper Job, ..and due to his financial wellbeing and upbringing he has been dropped into the life he now leads…following the advice of the real-politicians in his attempt to see if he can do something right for the Once GREAT Britian…
    The House of commons needs to be demolished! The Public need to control the country they are now suffering in, ..why can the relevant ideas and needs of England be assessed and rectified by the real people who have the real answers? …not the upper-class fools who know nothing of the needs of the real people.
    I suggest the public vote on all necessities within England to find the real answer. Although the English people have voted in my Cameron, ..what else could they do? Was there an option, ..’Vote for Cameron, ..or elect a real person from the real society?’

    The people need the power to control their country, ..not only from the ideas thrust upon them by the corrupticians.
    I am mentally disabled and have been so since I suffered severe head-injury due to an employee of the UK government(An army coach driver…who was not taught how to drive properly!…while trying to drive for the army), and have been robbed of my entitled pension, I am only abroad because of the UK government causing my injuries and hence disabilities and hence need for care!, ..but these injuries were maybe committed on purpose to perhaps allow for a Corruptician to have a little more cash – stolen from me – in his expense account! – Maybe an EXTRA blow-job! from a street employed lady, …at public expense.
    Sack the government and re-elect real people, ..not the fools who are robbing the English people left/right and center!
    How can we save England?
    For a start, to earn a few £millions, ..Mr Cameron can be tied naked to the railings outside No.10, ..and at £10 a stroke, beaten with a wet feather-duster as punishment for the corruption that has been proven: Take a look here, as 1 of the many accusations…

    As said, there are many others and we need to bring back what was once known as the country without corruption. Where the politicians were satisfied with their adequate wage/earnings, and did not seek to steal from the public in their attempt to have what they wanted when they wanted it.

    Gordon Brown can also be tied to the railings, naked, and beaten with the wet feather-duster.
    Imagine the Headlines, …’£Billions earned – By Gordon brown and David Cameron – as they suffered a whole week of ‘Slapping’ by the passing public…and tourists who came to the UK especially for this event – 1 Chinese man sold his house to gain funds to visit the UK for this, ..he said ‘The British Corrupticians are starting to cause recession in the world and need to be punished! – the ‘Ying_zu’ method of slapping shows them the real answers!’
    He spent £14,000 on 1,500 slaps(Discount for amount!)…which he committed in 7 hours – 4 for Gordon Brown and 3 for David Cameron. The Chinese government deny sending him here!

    Jason Pullen NH103083d

    My address is not served by the Bulgarian Postal service, at complex Briz, 1, Trakata, Varna, Bulgaria(Where I was forced to relocate(the cheapest country in Europe) after my mother’s death and henc einability to help my financial distresses cause by this government robbery.
    I want to claim for loss of pension and loss of opportunity(My elder Brother who works within the same area of employment I was in at the time of the UK government caused injuries, now live and works in the US, I could have!)…so I claim £999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,
    999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99, ..which, as is quoted on the internet…Anything is possible so this cannot be denied. Any lawyer wishing to earn such commission should ask the newspaper for my contact details.

    Jason Pullen NH103083d

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