DPAC video of protests

December 15, 2010

Hope you like it. Its not definitive – if I have time I will try to improve on it.

Thank you to Captain Ska for letting us use “Liar Liar” and photographers for the photos: Alison Wilde, Lynn Harrison, Debbie Jolly, Mikael Barnard and others. Thank you everyone for being there.

This was posted in Facebook – a moving video letter from Bendy Girl, real name Kaliya Franklin to David Cameron.

This is Crippen’s response to the Spending Review –

Opposition MP’s are using the term ‘slash and burn’ to describe the knee jerk reaction of the Coalition to the financial deficit that they claim to have inherited from Labour.

Crippens pillage cartoon

Crippens pillage cartoon

Rampaging through the country in a similar way to the Viking’s when they were first attracted to our shores; the ConDem’s have spared no one in their attack upon our society. Seemingly with no real plan or any indication that rational thought has gone into this process, they appear to have indiscriminately attacked all who fall within the category of vulnerable.

read more at Crippen’s blog

20th Oct protest

October 18, 2010

For DPAC protestors -for 20th Oct Protest

Meet for 12 noon at the  College Green which is at end of Westminster Abbey corner of Abingdon Street and Millbank.




David Cameron with son

This is a picture of a loving Father with his late disabled son.

David Cameron

This is the picture of the same man who now wants to
destroy the lives of many disabled people in
the country by cutting their benefits.

You would be forgiven for thinking…….



Protest when Osborne spells out more cuts that will kill disabled people.


cuts kill placard

'cuts kill' placard


October 20th meet noon at College Green, Westminster to protest.

( diagonally opposite Palace of Westminster, corner of Millbank and Abingdon Street)

Please bring any placards you can saying ‘Cuts Kill’ ‘Hands off Disabled People’ ‘Rights not Charity’ or anything else you want.

Please come if at all possible we need to keep showing that we won’t accept these attacks on our lives and benefits.


Example letter/email

Send also to

Ministers at Department for Work and Pensions Caxton House, Tothill Street London SW1 9DA or ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Your Name




Post Code

Phone Number


MPs Name

House of Commons,




DATE 2010



(As one of your constituents) I am concerned about the cuts to disability benefits, cuts to housing benefits and cuts to general benefits and the activities of ATOS


This affects me because I am disabled/ support disabled people


The cuts to benefits will affect the already poor living circumstances of many disabled people. The National Equality Panel report (Jan 2010) found that three quarters of disabled people live in poverty, ten percent live below the poverty line with some trying to live on less than 31 pounds per week. The cuts to housing benefit, tax credits and rises in VAT will impact severely on disabled people and all on low incomes.


In addition the wholesale reassessment of disability benefits adds to the fear of many. ATOS have been severely criticized for their practices and many see the target driven company as failing. Seventy per cent of their refusal decisions are being overturned at appeal (UKDPC 2010).


I am also aware of a number of suicides by disabled people who fear that they will be unable to manage under the new rules imposed by the emergency budget of June 22nd. These cuts will kill more people.


Please could you let me know your thoughts on these issues and raise these issues in the commons?


Please sign Bob Russell’s Early Day motion 706 ‘Spending Cuts and Disabled People.’


Yours sincerely

Your Name


An Anatomy of Inequality in the UK (2010) National Equality Panel

Response to WCA Consultation (2010) UKDPC



Find your MP at www.parliament.uk scroll to bottom of page and put in postcode.





Early Day Motion

EDM 706






Russell, Bob


That this House welcomes the Coalition Government’s commitment to ensuring that the public spending cuts will be fair; is concerned that the Government has not adequately assessed the impact that spending cuts will have on disabled people and their families; notes that nearly a quarter of individuals in families with at least one disabled member live in relative income poverty; further notes that only 50 per cent. of disabled people are in paid employment; recognises that millions of disabled people rely on state financial support to help meet their social care needs and the extra living costs associated with their impairment; seeks assurances that the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review proposals will be subject to a robust disability impact assessment; and urges the Government to take steps to ensure that spending cuts will not further compound poverty and social exclusion experienced by disabled people.