Sioux Jordan would like us to share this and bring to your attention:
The DWP have used a lie detection program on phone lines without informing claimants that their voices were being examined for signs of stress which could have mean’t that the claimant was lying. Trials of the program have been used in a number of JCP offices up and down the Country between 2008 and 2009 under the then Labour Government but did not produce the results that they were hoping for and so will not be used any longer. In what could only be called an infringement on civil liberties the now coalition government have not ruled out using the program in other area’s not necessarily related to the DWP and unemployed people. In a country that is already the most watched (CCTV Camera’s) in the world this is just another example of how far politicians in the UK will go to spy on the public!

See document DEP2010-2071 on the following site to find out more and to see if your town was included in these despicable trials.

Colchester Against the Cuts