A People's ConventionPlease remember to register yourself at the RtW website!

* Disabled people –

at the forefront of resistance Sponsored by Disabled People Against the Cuts

Introductions and welcome:
Eleanor Lisney co founder of DPAC
Eleanor is a campaigner for disability  equality and
works on access and inclusion for disabled people.

About Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC):

Debbie Jolly co founder of DPAC

Debbie is a campaigner for independent living who has worked with universities and organisations ’of’ disabled people at local, national and European levels on disability rights

On the panel

Disability movement/history and what’s at stake with the Conservative led Coalition:

Richard Reiser coordinator for UK Disability History Month.

Richard is an expert disabled international equality trainer, consultant and teacher.
Independent living and the Impact on Independent Living:

Sue Bott Director of the National Centre for Independent Living.

A disabled person with a visual impairment from birth, Sue has been active in the disability movement in the UK for many years
Local Grass Roots Actions against the Cuts

Kevin Caulfield Chair of Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition Against Community Care Cuts (HAFCAC)

Kevin is an active campaigner for all disabled people’s rights to equality and equal citizenship from a social model perspective at a local, regional and national level

We will be in groups to decide on two action points to take forward to the end plenary on how we will fight the cuts and especially in preparation for the 26th March TUC rally.

The venue is Friends Meeting house near Euston Station. You need to book tickets from www.righttowork.org.uk £2 unwaged £5 waged to cover the costs of putting on the conference.

Access of venue – Friends Meeting House is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessible Parking can be found at Euston Station (£25 per day). Frequent buses stop at Euston station.

BSL We have requested for BSL interpreters. We are still looking very hard for BSL interpreters – please let us know asap if you are willing to help!

There is a hearing loop in the hall.

Easy Read worker will be available at workshop.

There is NO access to Screening of ‘Blacklisted’ and workshop hosted by the Blacklist Support Group

Lunch is NOT provided – there is a vegetarian cafe en site at the venue. Eateries and food available at Euston Station including Nandos, Harry Ramsden Fish and Chips, and Marks and Spencers.

For those unable to come, Jon Cheetham (of Bellerose Films) has kindly offered to help video it.


Liz Carr

Liz Carr

Disabled comedian and activist Liz Carr will be speaking at the People’s Convention with

Eyewitness from the Egyptian revolution

Diane Abbot MP

Tony Kearns CWU senior deputy General Secretary

Jane Loftus CWU President

Alan Whittaker, president of UCU

Pete Murray, president of NUJ

Jimmy Kelly, Head of UNITE in Ireland

Steve Hart, London and South East regional secretary of Unite

Zita Holbourne, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Katy Clark MP

John McDonnell MP

Barbara Pettine of FIOM (Italian metal Workers Federation)

Captain SKA, producer of the hugely popular ‘Liar Liar‘ YouTube hit

Alan Gibbons, children’s author and organiser of the ‘campaign for the book’

Barnaby Raine, School student activist

Mark Bergfeld from the Education Activists Network

Jody McIntyre, the student who was hauled from his wheelchair by the police during the student demo in December

Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member

Michael Chessum, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Kat Craig, vice chair Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Baroness (Jane) Campbell of Surbiton in response to an enquiry from DPAC (a supporter suggested sending letters to her for support against the cuts)  writes:

letters to Maria Miller Minister for disabled people copied to me would be best because then she has to answer them and cannot deny they exist if I am copied in. I can then use them to hold the government to account and quote from the letters and ask how they have responded to such hardship that disabled people are obviously experiencing.

You can write to her at

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW
Tel: 020 7219 5124
Fax: 020 7219 1303

You can also send us a copy where we can archive them together at http://dpac.wikispaces.com/DPAC+documents

Email to us at mail@dpac.uk.net

Our own Bob Williams- Findlay wrote:

If you accept, as I do, that the experience of disability arises from the negative interactions between people with impairments and their social environments – then technology can play a major role in “bringing this reality” to life by exposing it, offering solutions and demonstrating the ability of technology to both enable and disable people with impairments.

Read the rest at his guest blog at beyondclicktivism

Liz Carr

Liz Carr

Disabled comedian and activist Liz Carr will be speaking at the People’s Convention on February 12th.

We are also running a workshop in the afternoon ‘At the Forefront of Resistance’

We would like as many disabled people as possible to come to this to tell us what you think. It starts at 10.30- 5 pm but the afternoon workshop if anyone is unable to come for the whole day should start at 2pm. Please support us.

The venue is Friends Meeting house near Euston Station. You need to book tickets from www.righttowork.org.uk £2 unwaged £5 waged to cover the costs of putting on the conference.

March 26th TUC march and rally, London – meeting Victoria Embankment from 11 am. More details to follow regarding this but please come if you are able to and tell others about this very important date.

DPAC supporters who are able to go would like to carry with us placards and banners with the photographs of anyone who would like their views about  these savage attacks against us all represented.

Please could anyone who would like to be represented in this way send a photograph and if possible short statement to say what they think for attention of Linda Burnip c/o Melanie, Warwickshire and Coventry Council of Disabled People, Room 6, Koco Building, Unit 15, The Arches Industrial Estate, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3JQ by the end of February

If you are unable to do this please email to mail@dpac.uk.net

From Benefits Claimants Fight Back – for those who cannot make it to Monday protests physically but still want to make an impact –
STOP PRESS – don’t forget you can also troll atos origin direct

Email: customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com

…Tel: 020 7830 4444

The first National Troll A Tory Day on the 15th December led to an outpouring of righteous anger, much of it on the facebook pages of Nick Clegg and David Cameron. Spread the word now and let’s make this one bigger!

As part of the National Day of Cuts Against Benefit Claimants on the 24th January 2011 Tories and their Lib Dem lackys will be told exactly what the nation feels about their sham coalition.

For details of other events happening on the day please visit: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173084439389460

The obvious candidates are the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. All allow comments and in the Mail’s case these comments are sometimes unmoderated. Find a recent story about benefit claimants, or just dive in an interrupt the latest chat about X Factor.

In the event comments are removed or strictly moderated then why not switch to Tory/Lib Dem bloggers. Government supporting website Guido Fawkes is one of the most prominent. Again comment moderation may be turned on, but don’t let that put you off, make them work for their living for a change. Should you tire of these, then Iain Dale suspiciously retired from blogging on the first Troll a Tory Day however his blog still has a handy list of the top 100 Conservative blogs to get your teeth into. There’s a similar list of Lib Dem blogs on Libdemvoice.



Facebookers might want to pay a visit to the facebook pages of David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Vince Cable. Conservative Home, and conservatives.com also have the facility to leave comments. Lots of Tory councillors and MPs have blogs, use google to find them and give them a piece of your mind. If you have a blog yourself why not write a post about the upcoming benefit cuts or use facebook, twitter or any of the new fangled devices available to show your contempt.

You can write to your MP via theyworkforyou.com. Or how about a letter to your local paper explaining to them how the vicious benefit cuts are likely to impact on you or your family.

The internet gives us unprecedented opportunity to tell this spineless Government exactly what we think of them. Let’s come out in force on the 24th January and start the fight back against the welfare and housing benefit cuts set to devastate so many lives.

Please feel free to leave more links to Tory and Libdem scumbag’s sites in the comments.

For links to all the above mentioned sites visit: http://benefitclaimantsfightback.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/national-troll-a-tory-day/

DPAC members – Please remember to register yourselves (at the R2W website)  and to let us know if you have access requirements. It is imperative that you give us advance notice in order for us to be able to provide the support. The Friend’s Meeting House is wheelchair accessible. Email us at mail@dpac.uk.net to let us know about access requirements

A People's Conference

Saturday 12 February 2011
@ Friends Meeting House,
Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

This Con-Dem coalition aims to roll back the welfare state, slash our living standards, attack our pensions and to drive up unemployment. We need to respond with protests, direct action and strikes.

At the People’s Convention on Saturday 12 February we want to discuss how we can do just that. We also want to examine alternatives to austerity – where the rich and the corporations pay for a crisis they caused.

Speakers include:

Diane Abbot MP

Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

Tony Kearns CWU senior deputy General Secretary

Jane Loftus CWU President

Alan Whittaker, president of UCU

Jimmy Kelly, Head of UNITE in Ireland

Steve Hart, London and South East regional secretary of Unite

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Andrej Hunko, Die Linke MP (Germany)

Katy Clark MP

John McDonnell MP

Representative of FIOM (Italian metal Workers Federation)

Captain SKA, producer of the hugely popular ‘Liar Liar‘ YouTube hit

Workshops include:

* Organising claimants against benefit cuts

* Disabled people – at the forefront of resistance Sponsored by Disabled People Against the Cuts

* Students – at the forefront of struggle Sponsored by National Campaign Against Cuts & Fees and Education Activists Network

* How trades councils can build resistance

* Organising a local anti-cuts campaign

* NHS in crisis Sponsored by Keep Our NHS Public

* Housing Emergency Sponsored by Defend Council Housing

* Can the unions stop the ConDems?

* One million climate jobs now

* Organising migrant and precarious workers

* Alternatives to Austerity

* Debate – How can councillors resist the cuts?

More information at the T2W website.

DPAC is joining RtW Campaign for the People’s Convention 12th Feb 2011

The Right to Work Campaign is calling for a wave of protests against the Tories’ surrender to the bankers and the outrageous awards of huge bonuses to some of Britain’s richest men.
Paul Brandon Chair of the Right to Work Campaign said “Millions of ordinary people will be outraged by the sight of wealthy bankers getting even richer while the workers who keep our hospitals, councils and schools running are made redundant in droves.
“It comes as no surprise that Cameron and Co have made it clear that they will let the bankers pay themselves unlimited bonuses, despite the trillion pound state bailout of the banks.
“While hundreds of thousands are being thrown onto the dole queues and public services are being slashed the very men who got us into this mess have their snouts back in the trough.”
Bob Diamond’s £8 million bonus at Barclays and Stephen Hester’s £2.5 million at RBS are an insult to every ordinary person in Britain . But we know they are just the tip of the iceberg.
Chris Bambery the National Secretary of Right to Work said: “We can’t sit back and take this latest outrage without a fight. We need to take a lead from the student protests against tuition fees and the end of EMA. We need a wave of protests against the bankers. Right to Work is calling for protests at Barclays and RBS branches across the country”.
Protestors in Birmingham shut a branch of RBS on Tuesday see here
Right to Work placard design for Barclays and RBS for download here
In London Right to Work has called for a protest this Friday at the Royal Bank of Scotland building, 280 Bishopsgate EC2M 4RB from 4pm. London protest leaflet for download here
Leaflet for bankers protests with blank box for local details download here
Protests organised so far:
Brighton – Saturday 15th January, 1,30pm, Barclays North Street – facebook event here
Bristol – Saturday 15th January, 1pm, Meet Castle Park, top of Union Street, Bristol. March on a bank !
Hackney – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays Dalston
Manchester – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays, top of Market Street http://www.righttoworkmcr.org/
Sheffield – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays Bank, opposite Town Hall – facebook event here
Swansea – Saturday 15th January, 1pm, Lloyds TSB, Oxford Street
Worthing – Saturday 15th January, 10am – 2pm picket of banks and open air debate on bankers pay and bonuses. South Street,
opposite Lloyds. http://worthingsolidaritynetwork.blogspot.com/
More protests will be advertised on the Right to Work website here and our facebook page here
Please let us know about protests that you plan and send reports to reports@righttowork.org.uk
A Peoples Covention PosterPeople’s Convention platform grows
The planning meeting for the People’s Convention held on Tuesday 11th January was very productive.
Joining Right to Work, Labour Representation Committee and Disabled People Against the Cuts were representatives from Keep Our NHS Public, NUJ, Defend Council Housing, migrant worker groups, Climate Change Campaign and others.

Latest speakers include:
Diane Abbot MP
Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary
Tony Kearns CWU senior deputy General Secretary
Jane Loftus CWU President.
Alan Whittaker, president of UCU
Steve Hart, London & South East Regional secretary of UNITE
They join
Jimmy Kelly, Head of UNITE in Ireland,
Jeremy Corbyn MP,
Andrej Hunko, Die Linke MP (Germany),
Katy Clark MP,
John McDonnell MP,
Representative of FIOM (Italian metal Workers Federation),
Captain SKA, producer of the hugely popular ‘Liar Liar‘ YouTube hit

Saturday 12 February 2011
@ Friends Meeting House,
Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
For more on the conference and to register click here
EMA day of action
On Wednesday 19th January, MPs will debate the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance.
TUESDAY 18th JANUARY – Taking back education Terry Eagleton, Laurie Penny, Alfie Meadows and others discuss what we are fighting for and how we can win 7pm Tuesday 18th January, The Quad, London School of Economics
Click to download a flyer
TUESDAY 18th JANUARY: National day of action. The National Union of Students has called for a day of action, with events, rallies and protests at colleges and campuses across the country.
WEDNESDAY 19th JANUARY: March on Parliament to save EMA Students, education workers and all defenders of the right to education, unite and join the demonstration as MPs debate the end of EMA. Bring your friends, your colleagues and your union banners.
4pm: Assemble at Piccadilly Circus
5pm: March to Parliament Square
Supported by EAN, NCAFC, Free Education Campaign and London Student Assembly.
Click here to download flyer
Events this week include:
Friday 14th January, 1pm, Bank of England ‘dance off’ here
Saturday 15th January, SERTUC day of action here
Monday 17th January, 5pm, Haringey, mass lobby of councillors, Haringey civic centre
Thursday 20th January, 7.30pm, Oxford, Stopping the cultural vandalism of library closures, Oxford Town Hall
Friday 21st January, 8pm, Bolton, Bolton Socialist Club, called by Bolton TUC
More events on our Action Diary here
Highlighted stories this week:
Birmingham Council are rubbish, not the workers
Kirklees council – round one to the workers
Protesting in Cameron’s back yard


It actually started appropriately outside Downing St where DPAC was with disabled people   protesting with the Housing Emergency  Coalition against the Housing Benefit Cap and social cleansing. Like the biblical story where the Romans called for a census and people have to moved – Joseph had to go to Bethlehem with Mary from Nazareth.

People were gathered there with cardboard boxes and sleeping bags. Inspite of the spitting rain, there was a respectable turnout.

Housing Emergency Coaltion Demo

Housing Emergency Coalition Demo


protestor with The right to Shelter is a human right on her box wheelchair user

Disabled and non disabled protestors and Richard Downes, organiser of the BIG CHIEF Campaign for Housing, Independence, Equality & Freedom and Linda Burnip, Maz, Adam Lotun were all there.

When all to be said was said and done, there was concern by the news that we might be not be able to move over to Trafalgar Square because the ‘donkey’ will be a health and safety issue. And we had not asked for clearance. Heritage Wardens were most vociferous we could not have our gathering there. (read Adam’s comments at here)

The ‘donkey’  was duly introduced and there was some hilarity and we ignored the warning and those of us who were disabled continued on to Trafalgar Sq. for well deserved hot drink before the nativity scene planned.

Joseph with the donkey

Joseph with the donkey

Many more people joined us under the Christmas tree including a lone photographer from the BBC, and some other media folks.

Jan Pollock agreed to be the hard hearted inn keeper who refused us – “no room for the inn”  which is inaccessible anyhow and the different boroughs which would be affected by the housing changes.

We exchanged stories, networked and ate mince pies in the rain.



(no to homeless cripples)

(The Heritage Warden tries to explain that one can’t protest there.)

More stories can be found at London: Disabled People Against Cuts, “Nativity Play”, Trafalgar Square


And a couple more reports in the other cities –

Glasgow: Citizens United

Oxford: Uninvisible Rally

More photos at

from DPAC


DPAC video of protests

December 15, 2010

Hope you like it. Its not definitive – if I have time I will try to improve on it.

Thank you to Captain Ska for letting us use “Liar Liar” and photographers for the photos: Alison Wilde, Lynn Harrison, Debbie Jolly, Mikael Barnard and others. Thank you everyone for being there.