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Speaker: Mark Bergfeld NUS exec (pc)

Mark Bergfeld is one of the founders of the Education Activists Network which called the Day X and Day X2 protests,

Other speakers invited

7.30pm Thursday 9th December
Carrs Lane Church Centre, Moor St, Birmingham
(opposite Moor St Station)

More information righttowork.wm@googlemail.co.uk
07904 960 442

Bob, one of the speakers

Bob, seated, is one of the speakers

Disabled protestors, Bob and Sam, spoke with passion at the meeting along with campaigners from Birmingham UNISON, West Midlands PCS and Birmingham NUT.

There were about 125 people who attended the Birmingham Against the Cuts
meeting on Saturday 13th November. The meeting was hosted by Right to Work and supported by Birmingham UNISON, West Midlands PCS and Birmingham NUT.

Sam, Linda and Debbie

Sam, Linda and Debbie, DPAC co founders at the meeting

THe meeting agreed the following statement

The meeting made the following statement
Statement from Birmingham Against the Cuts meeting 13th November 2010 hosted by Right to Work
This meeting takes place at a time of escalating resistance to the wholesale attack on working class people in this country
5,000 people outside the lib dems conference in Liverpool supported by the NW Regional TUC
7,000 people outside the Tory Party Conference supported by several National Unions and many local organisations
25,000 people at Scottish TUC demonstration aqgainst the comrehensive spending review
50,000 students and workers demnstrating in London this Wednesday backed by NUS and UCU
The student demonstration was a magnificent show of strength against the Con Dems’ savage attacks on education and the largest since David Cameron came to number 10. During the demonstration over 5,000 students showed their determination to defend the future of education by occupying the Tory party HQ and its courtyards for several hours.
We celebrate the fact that thousands of students were willing to send a message to the Tories that we will fight to win. Occupations are a long established tradition in the student movement that should be defended. It is this kind of action in France and Greece that has been an inspiration to many workers and students in Britain faced with such a huge assault on jobs, benefits, housing and the public sector.
In addition this meeting notes the fantastic protests and actions in Birmingham in recent months including:
7000 strong Right to Work demonstration against the Tory Party Conference backed by several national unions (up to 4000 of which attended were local)
The protest against the Comprehensive Spending Review initiated by the Peoples Charter, supported by Right To Work, Save Our Services, BTUC.
Over 30 students occupying and closing the Vodaphone store 2 weeks in a row over tax justice
We support the decision of the TUC to call a mass demonstration against the cuts in March.
We need more resistance to the ConDem government and Birmingham’s ConDem council in the lead up to this national march.
We need to engage the entire labour movement and build the widest possible unity between workers, students, the unemployed and communities.
We support the efforts being made to bring closer co-operation between these constituent parts with a view to forming a Birmingham wide Anti-Cuts Alliance. The Birmingham Trades Union Council initiative to draw together trade unions and campaigns is a welcome step toward this.

Rally tomorrow Birmingham 2pm

November 12, 2010

see you all there. We will be tweeting from the event for those who want to follow the event.

poster Cuts Kill

This rally will be supported by DPAC

Message from Right to Work –
West Midlands Right To Work is hosting a “Birmingham against the cuts” rally on 13th of November, 2pm, Carrs Lane Church, Carrs Lane, Birmingham. This rally is supported by UNISON Birmingham local government branch and West Midlands PCS. 

Th…is Con-Den government has unleashed the biggest ever assault on benefits targeting the ill and the disabled.

We are being asked to foot the bill for the £1.4 trillion bail out for the bankers. That means cuts in services and living standards, a massive job cull and us all having to work longer and enjoy less retirement.

The Con-Dems will move to replace all benefits and tax credits paid to those of working age with one ‘universal’ benefit which will pay out less.
Today Osborne says “we’re all in this together”. But as the Channel 4 Dispatches programme revealed that along with two other Cabinet ministers he’s avoiding paying tax.
We have seen Vodaphone being let off of paying £6 billion in tax as public services are being slashed and burned. We are clearly not in it all together!!

The rally on the 13th November will bring together a wide range of speakers from the Labour movement. We can confirm that the FBU is arranging for a striking London firefighter to speak and we are the process of organising a French striker and student to address the rally.

These speakers will be reporting from the sharp end of the international struggle against the cuts along side local speakers from the CWU, UNISON, PCS, NUT, UCU, Labour Party, disability groups, students and more.

Please come along to the rally and help build the resistance and defend our welfare state.

Matt Raine
West Midlands Right To Work

Part of the disabled people’s bloc which lead the protests at the Conservative Party Conference, Claire from WinVisible talks about the effect of cuts to public services on disabled people


disabled people march

disabled people march (photo by Dave Swinnerton)

Disabled people led the protest on October 3rd against the Tory cuts. The demonstration was backed by three trade unions – the PCS, NUJ and UCU – as well as local trades bodies and other groups, and  organised by the Right to Work Campaign.

So it was pouring with rain and the main march, which started at the Lionel Street car park, was said to be 1.6 miles but that did not deter some disabled people. Some of us, Debbie Jolly, Pete Millington and others, waited at Chamberlain Sq to join later. Some of us were driven by adrenaline alone.

But there were many protestors, non disabled and disabled, students, trade unionists, the Green Party – we were not on our own – and they came from all over the country. We had disabled people from as far as Dundee – thank you for joining us Susan Archibald and from London, thank you ALFIE, from Manchester etc and we had messages from disabled people, locally and overseas, who could joined us virtuallyEuropean and virtual support from almost 100 people and including DPO support from Slovenia, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Germany plus support from the U.S and Malaysia.

There were some rousing speeches and Linda Burnip eloquently spoke on our behalf before setting off. There were many stewards and police lined the route.

We were at the head of the march, some 150+ of us and some of the time, we had to stop to wait for the others and this means it looks like we were segregated from the other protestors, there were some complaints. We were well covered by the Guardian –

The protest comprised trade unions demonstrating against the prospect of job losses and cuts to public services, and disabled people rallying against welfare cuts proposed by the coalition, which they say will hit them hardest.

The prospect of activists covered in fake blood wearing triangles symbolizing the murder of thousands of disabled people during the Holocaust will be an embarrassment to Cameron, who has repeatedly insisted that the most vulnerable will be protected from the impact of cuts.

Disabled protesters say they will be “processed” by a private company that will earn “millions” from medical assessments which begin next March. They are also angry that benefits that reflect the extra costs incurred by people with disabilities are to be reassessed, which they say will push people to levels of destitution and deny them the right to independent living.

The accumulation of housing benefit cuts, the closure of the independent living fund, and VAT rises will exacerbate a situation for a section of society which already sees three quarters living in poverty, they say, with many of their peers having taken their lives in desperation.

Debbie Jolly of Leicester, said: “Coalition ministers can manage on £145,000 per year plus expenses, but some disabled people have to try and manager on less than £31 a week. This is the starting point for the so-called ‘fair’ cuts coalition? Disabled people will gather to protest at the attacks on them, their human rights, and their living conditions.

“We will gather to protest and to represent those who are no longer with us; those who have died because of previous ‘care cuts’ and those who through this new cuts coalition attack have taken their own lives as the only way to cope. The term ‘cuts kill’ is a reality.”

Read the rest at:


Photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/54476234@N02 and http://www.flickr.com/photos/54520312@N02/sets/72157624967765979/

two short clips on youtube –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkEoE3uPzrk – build a bonfire

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ai1tkZjnk – they say cutback, we say fight back

Longer route map

September 30, 2010

Download the map. Click here for map ->longer route , this is a pdf

The main march will then proceed down Lionel Street.

From the end of Lionel Street the march will go under an underpass ( no steeper than normal underpasses) onto Paradise Circus and then across the top of Broad Street where the Tory party conference is being held.

It will then proceed onto Suffolk Street Queensway and down a steep underpass onto Holliday Street and up Gas Street back onto Broad Street at the other end of the conference.

The march will then go onto Broad Street heading away from the conference. It is hoped that there can be a ‘closing’ street rally at this point but the police and council have not yet agreed to this.

The other groups of protestors will also be going to the Walkabout Inn on Broad Street so anyone who wants to can talk to the speakers who have come over from Greece and Portugal. This is fully accessible.

From Chamberlain Square we plan to end up in Weatherspoons in Paradise Forum which is also fully accessible.

Finally anyone travelling by coach will eventually be herded off to Five Ways to board their coaches from 15.30- 17.00 hours.

The main march route is 1.6 miles. The police and council were hoping to get the protest march around it in half an hour.(!!) but this is now timed to take from 1 pm-3pm.