Birmingham City Council are implementing £320 million of cuts which will have a drastic and very negative impact on provision of care and support for disabled people.

The eligibility criteria are to moved again to extra-critical only which will exclude huge numbers of disabled people in Birmingham from receiving the support they need to live inclusive and independent lives. We have submitted a FOI request to get more idea of numbers this would involve.

This protest is only a few days before the council meet to vote through the cuts. It is vital that we as disabled people have a presence at this demonstration.

Assemble Victoria Square,  noon Saturday February 26th

We would like to ask Mike Whitby, Tory leader of Birmingham City Council why they were willing to pay £80,000 for the Pope’s vist to Birmingham but will not forgo charging organisers ( Right to Work) £2,500 to suspend the parking bays along the route.

Leader of Birmingham City Council – Mike Whitby

Copy to Albert Bore, Labour leader –

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To Birmingham City Council

Dear Mr Whitby,

We would like to ask if you could waive fee for the organisers ( Right to Work) £2,500 to suspend the parking bays along the protest route to the Tory National Conference at the ICC .

We understand that £80,000 was used for the Pope’s visit to Birmingham – congratulations for a successful visit but £2500 is not much compared to that sum – especially when the organisers, including disabled people, cannot afford that.

best wishes,

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