for Solidarity!

January 23, 2011


ATOS protest tomorrow meet 2pm Triton Square, near Euston Road, NW1.
PCS are supporting this.

All out for Saturday 29th January demonstrations

One of our members has asked us to bring these other demos to your attention. She says
“Although the demonstration has education as one of it’s main points, it is also a demonstration against privatisation in general, and this demonstration is also being supported by the unions, so really everyone needs to get out there!

People need to get on the streets and support each others’ causes, for maximum impact and effect. The way this government is destroying the NHS by the back door is a disgrace, and it is parallelled by the way it is denying further education to anyone other than the privileged classes….both issues are fundamentally related – after all if the wealthy are the only ones getting educated, and getting into positions of power, they are certainly going to be the ones who are not averse to selling out our precious institutions – such as the NHS – to private corporations, for vast sums of money…

I think we need to get a body of people out there this Saturday voicing their support of free further education, in support of the Unions, and against privatisation of the NHS! We need to make people aware as to what is going on, because I don’t think most people realise the implications of the NHS White Paper!”
LONDON – March for Education, Fight Every Cut
Assemble 12noon ULU, Malet St. March to Parliament

MANCHESTER – March for A future that Works
Assemble 10:30am Manchester Museum. March to Platt Fields Park:

These are two very important demonstrations on 29th January in London and Manchester. The “Unite for Education” London demonstration has been supported by UCU, PCS, GMB, UNISON HE Committee and CWU Gen Sec Billy Hayes. The “Future for All” Manchester demonstration has been called by NUS, UCU and the TUC and is supported by PCS, GMB, UNITE, NUT, FBU and PCS.
The attacks on education and young people are part of a wider assault on workers and public sector services. A record one million under 25s are now unemployed.
These demonstrations present a real opportunity to bring trade unionists, parents, the unemployed, disabled people, pensioners and all those under attack in behind the student movement to build a movement that can stop fees, win back EMA and defeat the government.

Details of transport ( no information about accessibility ) to the demo on the PCS website.–london-saturday-26-march.cfm

I was sent this link in Facebook from the Guardian – thanks!

Article by Laurie Penny from the New Statesman

Inside the Parliament Square Kettle

Behind me, on huge makeshift screens showing the rolling news, reporters and talking heads are praising the police and condemning the actions of young protesters as ‘an insult to democracy’. But when you see children stumbling and bleeding from baton wounds and reeling from horse charges underneath the glowering auspices of former prime ministers carved in bronze, when you see police medics stretchering an unconscious girl away from the grass in front of Westminster Abbey, her pale head swaddled in bloody bandages and hanging at a nauseating angle, you have to ask to whom the real insult has been delivered

The account of the event by Jody McIntyre, wheelchair revolutionary, himself

Week 76 – Student Protests, Part Three

From the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the policemen from the earlier incident. He recognised me immediately. Officer KF936 came charging towards me. Tipping the wheelchair to the side, he pushed me onto the concrete, before grabbing my arms and dragging me across the road. The crowd of 200 ran and surrounded him. I got back up and stood in front of the horses.

When I finally got home at 5am, exhausted but pleased at what can only be seen as a victory, I found that the picture of me being pulled from my wheelchair had been creating a bit of a storm online. But I am not the real victim. The real victims of yesterday are people like Alfie Meadows; a 20 year-old student who was rushed to hospital for emergency brain surgery after internal bleeding caused by police truncheons.

Today many people were following the news of the students’ protests stuck to their television screens or to twitter for the alternative news stream from the students themselves.

News was streamed with overhead helicopters and split screens with the debate on tuition fees at Westminster. Much more immediate were from twitter with the students and I was following UCLOccupation, SladeOccupationand mostly PennyRed amongst others. I was startled to read her tweet

They’re beating up a guy they just dragged out of a wheelchair!

And then Goldsmith Occupation tweeted: Number of police officer who dragged man out of wheelchair -KF936

and someone supplied the link to the Guardian’s Students Live Coverage

4.42pm: We have an answer for the question posed at 4.02pm. The man pictured being pulled from his wheelchair is Jody McIntyre who, coincidentally, was interviewed in the Observer last month.

Man, wheelchair user, being pulled by several police

Photograph: Germaine Arnold

I spoke to his brother, Finlay, who says Jody was actually pulled from the chair twice. The first time was near Parliament Square when police insisted he move from close to the front of their lines. Three officers, he said, picked Jody up and dragged him away.
The second was nearer the river, when officers insisted he and Finlay were in danger near police horses. This time, Finlays says, his brother was pulled bodily on the ground across the street.

So who is Jody McIntyre  – why was he there? According to a profile of him in the Observer he’s a cyber radical. In his blog he says
One man’s journey on the path to revolution…

He writes:

We refuse to accept the government curriculum /
Labour and the Condems we are sick of ‘em /
Cameron, Clegg, Miliband’ll get Millibanked /
Militant, with a pen sharper than a Tory shank /

Lib Dem, arms embargoes turned to apologies /
Pro-Palestine turned to Zionism’s sodomy /
Silly me, to believe, no more tuition fees /
Nine grand, while we’re sending soldiers to the Helmland /

Now we gotta Blairite tryna say he is left /
What is left of your party is a legacy of death /
Iraq, Afghanistan and the Browne review /
So for the opposition, we say “Fuck you too!” /

Life on Wheels Poetry

So we say disabled people salute you Jody McIntyre, revolutionary! We need you to fight the fight for disabled people too! And let us know if you want us to help you get Police officer KF936 for doing what he did !

eleanor lisney

Please refer to Busy Protest Days where DPAC members were also protesting in London.

DPAC would like to express  solidarity with all true protestors tomorrow. DPAC supports the students and does not agree with trebling fees.

We hope you will not be too cold and that you will be kept safe.

Many disabled people will like to march and protest against the cuts that affect them too but in the present political climate and in the freezing cold, it is proving too much for most.

So we protest with you in spirit and in solidarity even if not many of us can physically make it there!

Disabled People Against Cuts.

“It doesn’t matter who is their target be it students, workers, claimants young or old, no one should have to pay for their greed or their political agenda. Disabled people exist in all stands of society, but even if they didn’t, DPAC would still believe in the old saying, ‘an injury to one is an injury to us all’ – so let’s steal their slogan: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER for social justice and against the cuts.”


Wednesday 8th December

2pm Protest at Waterstones, Bullring

9th December
March on Parliament London
Transport from Birmingham. Contact your Student Union
or call 07956 553 926 to book seats

Lunchtime protest at your University / College / School / Workplace

If you can’t get to London or into the City Centre protest at lunchtime where you are

Disabled people who had been kettled: Liberty would like you to get in touch with them asap as they are investigating it all
now…please e-mail
Laura Milne,

Advice and Information Officer at

Also read account of a young person kettled at the protests

Right to Work logo


Stand up for

• Free Education
• No Fees
• Keep EMA

Speaker: Mark Bergfeld NUS exec (pc)

Mark Bergfeld is one of the founders of the Education Activists Network which called the Day X and Day X2 protests,

Other speakers invited

7.30pm Thursday 9th December
Carrs Lane Church Centre, Moor St, Birmingham
(opposite Moor St Station)

More information
07904 960 442