One Response to “Maame Oforiwaa Osei-Bonsu’s account”

  1. Anthony Rodgers Says:

    I admit there has to be cuts, But many of the actions and changes by this Government are not about cuts at all. For instance. I have lived as a Council tenant for many years and never have I been in arrears or been a bad neighbour. My home now I have lived in for 16 years and it was atrocious when i first got it. I had disablied adaptations done at my own expence and put a lot of money hard work and love into this home. It has great memories for me and I have great neighbours that help me. Now I am alone in the house and this Council says they want it back. ( Cannot wait till I die ). I would be put into a ground floor flat that costs just as much if not more in rent. I would lose my beloved garden and hobbies. My carer would not be able to sleep over. I would love to have someone stay but am not allowed to. This would stop many of my benefits and push my rent up higher. On top of this. We are now menaced by the DLA. My friend received a letter 1 week after he died telling him his DLA had been suspended till he attends for a medical. Another who could not attend was told tough if you cannot attend we will stop your benefits. These jobworths are enjoying the power given to them by this Government. They are sadistic. My doctor has heard many similar stories. I have begun to get depressed. I asked for a little extra help in the form of a one off payment for help. I was rang by the DWP and given a means test exam over the phone. I was told that I could not have any help because I have not just come out of care or prison or that I am not at risk of going into care. I give up. We have no help out there. This lot just want us dead and gone out of sight our of mind. DWP Down With Pensioners. How many are close to ending this sad life.

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