One Response to “Julia Cameron’s account”

  1. Anthony Rodgers Says:

    I am afraid. The DWP has been told to take as many off of the disabled register as they can. Those that are retired are to be targetted as no longer needing DLA. Many that are under retirment will be made to seak some kind of work. , As recently seen. Very soon we shall be forced out of our homes. This Government has betrayed us. I was a Conservative. But now I feel unrepresented and depressed. I am 65 and disabled and like many others I have wandered is life now worth living. After recent abuse and means testing by a DWP Officer when I asked for help. I am very depressed. We are now living in a Police State. Whilst this Government is busy forcing regime change in the middle east. They must be stopped. We cannot do this unless all of us band together and force a regime change here before it is too late. In the next 6 months we will see many people being made to suffer. How long before these vulnerable people that feel alone and depressed start to take their lives. I am one of those. Now living in fear of what will happen next. I have taken double heart pills, My sprays no longer work. This Government have gone mad and Cameron is far too busy abroad to see what his thugs are up to.

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