March for the Alternative : Stories of disabled people on 26th March

March 27, 2011

On Saturday 26th March, yesterday, there was the biggest rally organised against the stringent cuts from the Coalition government. Disabled people are the hardest hit by these cuts and despite many barriers, disabled people have participated in the march. They came on trains and coaches from all over the country – from Scotland and Wales as well.

DPAC negotiated and campaigned the TUC to provide access so that disabled people are also included in the march and they have responded by providing access as can be seen on the Access and Disability page of the main March for the Alternative website.  For disabled people who really couldn’t make it – we have an online map to show the disabled people who wanted their virtual protest registered. There are many stories there.

The day after the event it is already very obvious that we have very little media attention and for many disabled people this is the first time they have been on such a march. As disabled people,  they went through considerable effort to get there with many barriers not faced by non disabled people. We shall make sure that our struggles are recorded and not lost. We can see that the media are only full of the violence as seen on our televison screens and echoed in all the newspapers. It is important that these stories are collated so that they are part of our history.

Supporters from DPAC, Black Triangle, Disability History Month and London Austistic Rights Movement, Newham Coalition of Disabled People


4 Responses to “March for the Alternative : Stories of disabled people on 26th March”

  1. Lisa Jones Says:

    My husband and I were there yesterday with our Guide Dogs. Our very helpful guides from the Nottinghamshire Unison Branch mentioned one of DPAC’s leaflets. I know of at least 4 other disabled people amongst the marchers on coaches from the Nottingham area.

    Let’s not be discouraged by a couple of hundred people taking the limelight for attrocious behaviour. We must keep showing this Government our displeasure at this ideological attack on the quality of our lives.

    Who was caught in the short spell of rain? As I said to those around me: it’s like the Coalition Government – a poor shower!

    Finally, many disability organisations are rallying against Welfare Reform in London on 11 May.

  2. Lisa, would you write a fuller account, please. with photos if possible. We are collating the stories.

  3. madmags3 Says:

    Great to see the turnout. We got to the march, but could not find our way to the disabled peoples assembly point (the police were pointedly hopeless and unhelpful, I felt), so went to Green park for the short march instead. Such an amazing feeling to see the sheer numbers of people.

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