Updates: on People’s Convention 12th Feb and TUC march and rally 26th March

January 29, 2011

Liz Carr

Liz Carr

Disabled comedian and activist Liz Carr will be speaking at the People’s Convention on February 12th.

We are also running a workshop in the afternoon ‘At the Forefront of Resistance’

We would like as many disabled people as possible to come to this to tell us what you think. It starts at 10.30- 5 pm but the afternoon workshop if anyone is unable to come for the whole day should start at 2pm. Please support us.

The venue is Friends Meeting house near Euston Station. You need to book tickets from www.righttowork.org.uk £2 unwaged £5 waged to cover the costs of putting on the conference.

March 26th TUC march and rally, London – meeting Victoria Embankment from 11 am. More details to follow regarding this but please come if you are able to and tell others about this very important date.

DPAC supporters who are able to go would like to carry with us placards and banners with the photographs of anyone who would like their views about  these savage attacks against us all represented.

Please could anyone who would like to be represented in this way send a photograph and if possible short statement to say what they think for attention of Linda Burnip c/o Melanie, Warwickshire and Coventry Council of Disabled People, Room 6, Koco Building, Unit 15, The Arches Industrial Estate, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3JQ by the end of February

If you are unable to do this please email to mail@dpac.uk.net

4 Responses to “Updates: on People’s Convention 12th Feb and TUC march and rally 26th March”

  1. Katie Fraser Says:

    Cool! I may be able to attend this!

  2. Katie Fraser Says:

    I may be be able to come for the day and hear Liz at the conference!

  3. michael murray Says:

    being a campaigner all my life for the rights of the working class and also the disabled.i think it disgraceful the amount of our tax monies that the governments send abroad and dont get any feed back from where the money has gone.first things first.our own country first then anything left over we can assist other countries.every government in the past 50 yr has let off the millionaires and billionnaires fro paying their taxes in this country.they all send their money to tax havens and offshore companies.let everyone pay their fare share of their taxes.a law for the rich and a law for the poor.where is the equality?

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