for Solidarity!

January 23, 2011


ATOS protest tomorrow meet 2pm Triton Square, near Euston Road, NW1.
PCS are supporting this.

All out for Saturday 29th January demonstrations

One of our members has asked us to bring these other demos to your attention. She says
“Although the demonstration has education as one of it’s main points, it is also a demonstration against privatisation in general, and this demonstration is also being supported by the unions, so really everyone needs to get out there!

People need to get on the streets and support each others’ causes, for maximum impact and effect. The way this government is destroying the NHS by the back door is a disgrace, and it is parallelled by the way it is denying further education to anyone other than the privileged classes….both issues are fundamentally related – after all if the wealthy are the only ones getting educated, and getting into positions of power, they are certainly going to be the ones who are not averse to selling out our precious institutions – such as the NHS – to private corporations, for vast sums of money…

I think we need to get a body of people out there this Saturday voicing their support of free further education, in support of the Unions, and against privatisation of the NHS! We need to make people aware as to what is going on, because I don’t think most people realise the implications of the NHS White Paper!”
LONDON – March for Education, Fight Every Cut
Assemble 12noon ULU, Malet St. March to Parliament

MANCHESTER – March for A future that Works
Assemble 10:30am Manchester Museum. March to Platt Fields Park:

These are two very important demonstrations on 29th January in London and Manchester. The “Unite for Education” London demonstration has been supported by UCU, PCS, GMB, UNISON HE Committee and CWU Gen Sec Billy Hayes. The “Future for All” Manchester demonstration has been called by NUS, UCU and the TUC and is supported by PCS, GMB, UNITE, NUT, FBU and PCS.
The attacks on education and young people are part of a wider assault on workers and public sector services. A record one million under 25s are now unemployed.
These demonstrations present a real opportunity to bring trade unionists, parents, the unemployed, disabled people, pensioners and all those under attack in behind the student movement to build a movement that can stop fees, win back EMA and defeat the government.

Details of transport ( no information about accessibility ) to the demo on the PCS website.–london-saturday-26-march.cfm

5 Responses to “for Solidarity!”

  1. kevin blumer Says:

    problem about this country people instead of doing just moan about things people have to learn instead of moaning do something about things it our country as a whole groups joining would defnitly create a better affect

  2. Robert Says:

    What would you like me to do Kevin mate I’m Paraplegic, I cannot afford to get to London a return ticket to London would cost me £198 it’s easy for those living around London for us living in the stick it’s the cost finding people to come with us….

    • kevin blumer Says:

      £198 quite a bit money sometimes getting out there isnt as easy as you think i live in newcastle so it miles away and i have really bad memmories of london plus all the violence i dont lkie been round people well lots of them it kinda scares me

  3. Robert Says:

    It does not scare me, I just cannot get to the place and from Carmarthen to London is expensive and you have to take a carer so it’s double the price.

    We need to get people out in local places, we need to use the media the Mirror News paper is labour get them on side, but of course even the Mirror thinks we have cheats and fraud in welfare.

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