Right to Work: Rage against the Bankers bonuses

January 14, 2011

DPAC is joining RtW Campaign for the People’s Convention 12th Feb 2011

The Right to Work Campaign is calling for a wave of protests against the Tories’ surrender to the bankers and the outrageous awards of huge bonuses to some of Britain’s richest men.
Paul Brandon Chair of the Right to Work Campaign said “Millions of ordinary people will be outraged by the sight of wealthy bankers getting even richer while the workers who keep our hospitals, councils and schools running are made redundant in droves.
“It comes as no surprise that Cameron and Co have made it clear that they will let the bankers pay themselves unlimited bonuses, despite the trillion pound state bailout of the banks.
“While hundreds of thousands are being thrown onto the dole queues and public services are being slashed the very men who got us into this mess have their snouts back in the trough.”
Bob Diamond’s £8 million bonus at Barclays and Stephen Hester’s £2.5 million at RBS are an insult to every ordinary person in Britain . But we know they are just the tip of the iceberg.
Chris Bambery the National Secretary of Right to Work said: “We can’t sit back and take this latest outrage without a fight. We need to take a lead from the student protests against tuition fees and the end of EMA. We need a wave of protests against the bankers. Right to Work is calling for protests at Barclays and RBS branches across the country”.
Protestors in Birmingham shut a branch of RBS on Tuesday see here
Right to Work placard design for Barclays and RBS for download here
In London Right to Work has called for a protest this Friday at the Royal Bank of Scotland building, 280 Bishopsgate EC2M 4RB from 4pm. London protest leaflet for download here
Leaflet for bankers protests with blank box for local details download here
Protests organised so far:
Brighton – Saturday 15th January, 1,30pm, Barclays North Street – facebook event here
Bristol – Saturday 15th January, 1pm, Meet Castle Park, top of Union Street, Bristol. March on a bank !
Hackney – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays Dalston
Manchester – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays, top of Market Street http://www.righttoworkmcr.org/
Sheffield – Saturday 15th January, 2pm, Barclays Bank, opposite Town Hall – facebook event here
Swansea – Saturday 15th January, 1pm, Lloyds TSB, Oxford Street
Worthing – Saturday 15th January, 10am – 2pm picket of banks and open air debate on bankers pay and bonuses. South Street,
opposite Lloyds. http://worthingsolidaritynetwork.blogspot.com/
More protests will be advertised on the Right to Work website here and our facebook page here
Please let us know about protests that you plan and send reports to reports@righttowork.org.uk
A Peoples Covention PosterPeople’s Convention platform grows
The planning meeting for the People’s Convention held on Tuesday 11th January was very productive.
Joining Right to Work, Labour Representation Committee and Disabled People Against the Cuts were representatives from Keep Our NHS Public, NUJ, Defend Council Housing, migrant worker groups, Climate Change Campaign and others.

Latest speakers include:
Diane Abbot MP
Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary
Tony Kearns CWU senior deputy General Secretary
Jane Loftus CWU President.
Alan Whittaker, president of UCU
Steve Hart, London & South East Regional secretary of UNITE
They join
Jimmy Kelly, Head of UNITE in Ireland,
Jeremy Corbyn MP,
Andrej Hunko, Die Linke MP (Germany),
Katy Clark MP,
John McDonnell MP,
Representative of FIOM (Italian metal Workers Federation),
Captain SKA, producer of the hugely popular ‘Liar Liar‘ YouTube hit

Saturday 12 February 2011
@ Friends Meeting House,
Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
For more on the conference and to register click here
EMA day of action
On Wednesday 19th January, MPs will debate the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance.
TUESDAY 18th JANUARY – Taking back education Terry Eagleton, Laurie Penny, Alfie Meadows and others discuss what we are fighting for and how we can win 7pm Tuesday 18th January, The Quad, London School of Economics
Click to download a flyer
TUESDAY 18th JANUARY: National day of action. The National Union of Students has called for a day of action, with events, rallies and protests at colleges and campuses across the country.
WEDNESDAY 19th JANUARY: March on Parliament to save EMA Students, education workers and all defenders of the right to education, unite and join the demonstration as MPs debate the end of EMA. Bring your friends, your colleagues and your union banners.
4pm: Assemble at Piccadilly Circus
5pm: March to Parliament Square
Supported by EAN, NCAFC, Free Education Campaign and London Student Assembly.
Click here to download flyer
Events this week include:
Friday 14th January, 1pm, Bank of England ‘dance off’ here
Saturday 15th January, SERTUC day of action here
Monday 17th January, 5pm, Haringey, mass lobby of councillors, Haringey civic centre
Thursday 20th January, 7.30pm, Oxford, Stopping the cultural vandalism of library closures, Oxford Town Hall
Friday 21st January, 8pm, Bolton, Bolton Socialist Club, called by Bolton TUC
More events on our Action Diary here
Highlighted stories this week:
Birmingham Council are rubbish, not the workers
Kirklees council – round one to the workers
Protesting in Cameron’s back yard


2 Responses to “Right to Work: Rage against the Bankers bonuses”

  1. Linda Burnip Says:

    there are protests every day, surely that must indicate to the government that something is very wrong. This is just like John Rawls said about civil disobedience, if there are so many groups wanting to protest they should take turns.

    he also said that if you are a citizen and you think your government are behaving wrongly then you have a moral obligation to protest. So we should all exercise our moral obligation as often as possible.

  2. kevin blumer Says:

    banks are bad but we are picking on the bankers bonuses why dont we pick on the supper ritch because they pay the least tax at of eveyone there are so many black holes in the system its unfair if we charged the supper tax see how mutch they pay people would get a shock to find out how mutch they really pay in tax

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