Do you think the percentage of disabled people ending up in a nursing home will be higher under the Coalition Government? Poll

January 2, 2011

We thought we would try out a straw poll for an informal opinion survey. Feel free to add your comments in the comments area.

This is just a start – we are still learning how to do this.

12 Responses to “Do you think the percentage of disabled people ending up in a nursing home will be higher under the Coalition Government? Poll”

  1. Chris Kilby Says:

    I have no idea whether more people with disabilities will end up in nursing homes. What is, unfortunately, guaranteed is that more will lose their own homes once the 10% Housing Benefit cuts for long-term claimants eats into the savings of disabled people who are deemed fit to work under the new assessment. I cannot believe that this government has thought this through at all – if they have they are an ar**.

  2. There is no doub’t a massive amount od Disabled people will be crammed in to Nursing Homes and Bed and Breakfast places so this abhorent Government can give our homes to the most able and street wise.

    I’m now constantly in real fear of taking my own life as I just can’t see how I can survive this relentless purge on the most vilnerable.

    I have no doub’t even the rest of Europe will scorn this Government for it’s barbaric Ideology. it’s just a matter of the Death Toll and Historywill do the rest.

    • Thea Says:

      Paul, I live in the United States and I have been sensing something not so good when it comes to my own disabled son. I decided to enter into the search engine something about how the government feels about disabled people and have come across numerous articles…many from Europe.What is happening in your country? I am a Christian and do have the blessed hope of the return of Jesus, but I also realize that there may be suffering before this happens. I want to protect my son. Thanks for your time. Thea of United States of America:)….God Bless and Keep You.

      • Hello Thea from Paul I live in England just incase you were unaware.

        Firstly thank you for contacting me/ us from across the great pond. I Know so many amazing people from America, who so inspire me, Christian based included. so a warm welcome to you Thea.

        I’m so sarry to hear you fears about the welfare of your child. and you say ou wan’t to protect your child”. I do hope your child is not in harm’s way.

        I can only guess like many here in the U.K. Yiu have concernes about the recession in our mutual country’s and the spiraling downward of job’s and health provision and services in general. if this is the case? I hope you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone with concernes and that as so many are trying to pull together to make the world a better place. in the end we can all help make that difference I have myself been inspired by so many people especially from America. If you get back to me /us here we can give you many links to site’s articles etc which may be of use to you. I a’m posting my own website below for you where I share many link’s and much about myself. you can e mail me through my site any time in safety and privacy should you ever feel the need to.

        Take Care Thea.


      • Hi Thea silly me forgot my website.


        Much more on my site.


  3. Not really sure – not because the ConDems are big supporters of independent living, but because there are only a finite number of places available in nursing homes which are already oversubscribed with elderly people.

  4. Linda Burnip Says:

    more likely and cheaper long stay hospitals and workhouses again if things go on as planned by Condems

  5. Ah, but they’d have to find the money to BUILD the workhouses…

  6. Chris Kilby Says:

    That’s what disaster capitalism is all about.

  7. D Maher Says:

    I doubt if the percentage will get higher because the nursing homes will be closed. Watch out for biscuit factories.

  8. Robert Says:

    No we will not be ending up in nursing homes, in my area for example they have in the most closed under New labour, in my area care in the community remember this from Blair means more people live at home in abject poverty.

    The simple fact is under Labours and Tories workfare more people will end up on the streets or in fact living in squats, but more in nursing homes not a Chance.

    In my area the last of the respite centers has closed after labour council stated it was a waste of money.

    Disabled people better get ready to start a new job begging.

  9. Do I think that more disabled folks will end up in nursing homes? YES, and I’d like to share why:
    NO housing for one. The other is the quality of care for folks under the age of 62, under the current medicaid system is abysmal. We are expected to have folks come into our homes and care for us that basically are without skills, without quality control, and often are later jailed for rape, theft, or drug problems. I had one worker in my house that was wanted in two states for drug pocession. Another worker came wanting to sell me “used rings” (that was when we bought a stong box). I have had workers show up stoned, workers who would sit watching TV for hours on end, and well as a few good workers that often quit working as Aids due to bad pay as well as bad personnel at agencies.

    It is hard enough to be living independantly without the assistance of any agency, and then try to hire help in your home. So my answer is YES, more people will end up in nursing homes, they are bound to.

    It seems to be the only way to get continuity of care and a place to live that doesn’t have daily gun violence, high crime and drug interaction in your complex.

    reposted for Mary Miller

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