Housing Emergency lobby of MPs February15th plus ILF funding for 2011

December 30, 2010

Housing Cuts

· Consultation re tenure of social housing and rent increases closing date January 17th


· Email or telephone your MP and ask to meet with them to lobby them on all housing and Housing Benefit issues on February 15th.

· February 15th lobby of Parliament as above organised by the Housing Emergency committee of which DPAC is a member. 12-4 pm Central Hall, Westminster. Further information from eileenshort@hotmail.com

· Very critical reports from DWP and Social Security advisors on Housing Benefit cuts:


It takes about 20 minutes to get through House of Commons security checks, as there is usually a queue.

ILF funding

Write to your MP and ask your MP to support EDM 1231 to stop the closure of the Independent Living Fund, or to ask a question about it being scrapped and what will replace it in parliament.

Draft letter –

The closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and the loss of funding from this will result in 21,000 of the most severely disabled people being unable to continue to live independently in the community. This will cost the government even more money than they now spend. To force disabled people to live in residential car which on average according to figures produced by the Scottish Parliament will cost about £37,000 a year more on average makes no sense at all.

These are the very same people that the coalition government say they are committed to supporting, However this rhetoric can now be seen to be nothing more than empty words and empty promises: in fact lies.

There is clearly no commitment to ensure that disabled people can continue to lead inclusive lives or be treated as citizens. The result of the loss of funding from ILF, together with the drastic reduction to health and social care budgets will not only remove disabled people’s rights under the UNCRPD to live independently but will push the cause of independent living backwards towards third world levels of no support.

Any government should be ashamed of this. As your constituent I want you to please ask why ILF is being scrapped and why there is no commitment to support disabled people by this government.

I would also like to know how the government have reached the figure that closing the ILF will save £330 million a year. This seems to be another total inaccuracy.

Please also support EDM 1231 to stop the closure of ILF.

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