Cont. Work for 2011

December 30, 2010

To also do from Home

· Please email me at (linda underscore burnip) if you can adopt a group of MPs on behalf of DPAC to make an email list of them and send them messages from DPAC from time to time. The more people who volunteer the smaller the number of MPs each person will need to adopt.

· January 7th email Steve Webb and Maria Miller– The Lib Dem manifesto promised to introduce winter fuel payments for disabled people then Steve Webb said they weren’t needed as disabled people get an extra £8,000 a year in benefits already so don’t need any help with fuel costs. Ask Steve Webb and Maria the Mobility Allowance snatcher what he/she earns and how much they get for their housing costs and expenses. Ask him/her if he/she would like to live on your income. Tell them how losing DLA, mobility allowance, housing benefit changes, loss of the Independent Living Fund, etc will affect you.

Maria Miller via or

· Midday, January 7th, try to crash DWP computers again. Please log onto  DLA consultations below.
· Respond to DLA consultation by February 10th

or use Disability Alliance website to do this
Please see the following email from Disability Alliance with regard to the Governments consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) reform.

The Government is planning to cut DLA expenditure by 20%, introduce a new assessment, limit the care component (to be renamed ‘daily living’) to two rates and re-title the benefit ‘Personal Independence Payment’.

The survey is a little long (but should take no more than 20 minutes to complete) Disability Alliance would like as strong a response as possible with your help – to make sure they cover as many angles as possible in defending DLA. The issue is, of course, not simple, and requires some level of detail/length in order to cover all the issues needed.

The survey now includes just Disability Alliance questions and is available at:

They have added a further survey covering just the Government consultation questions at:

If you would prefer a Word version of the questionnaire(s) then please let Disability Alliance know.

The closing date for the consultation is 10 February 2011.

Given the importance of this issue, we please ask again that you respond to the survey and highlight it to your clients, users and other organisations and encourage them to do participate too.

Disability Alliance contact details are:

Ken Butler, Tax Credits, Benefits and Membership Advisor

or email

Disability Alliance, Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth Street, London E1 7SA

Tel: 020 7247 8776

· If you haven’t already please sign this petition

· Telephone your MP and ask for a home visit as a reasonable adjustment before or on February 11th. Tell MP what you think about DLA being scrapped. The vote on abolition of DLA will be on February 14th. If you don’t know who your MP is you should be able to google for your constituency office or find contact details at

· Mobility component of DLA being removed from those in residential care homes. Sign up to this e-campaign

(with all of their money and resources Mencap have so far only got 617 people to sign this- lets show that here at DPAC we can do better)

Housing Cuts

· Consultation re tenure of social housing and rent increases closing date January 17th;

· Email or telephone your MP and ask to meet with them to lobby them on all housing and Housing Benefit issues on February 15th.

· February 15th lobby of Parliament as above organised by the Housing Emergency committee of which DPAC is a member. 12-4 pm Central Hall, Westminster. Further information from

· Very critical reports from DWP and Social Security advisors on Housing Benefit cuts:

It takes about 20 minutes to get through House of Commons security checks, as there is usually a queue.

ILF funding

Write to your MP and ask your MP to support EDM 1231 to stop the closure of the Independent Living Fund, or to ask a question about it being scrapped and what will replace it in parliament.

Draft letter –

The closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and the loss of funding from this will result in 21,000 of the most severely disabled people being unable to continue to live independently in the community. This will cost the government even more money than they now spend. To force disabled people to live in residential car which on average according to figures produced by the Scottish Parliament will cost about £37,000 a year more on average makes no sense at all.

These are the very same people that the coalition government say they are committed to supporting, However this rhetoric can now be seen to be nothing more than empty words and empty promises: in fact lies.

There is clearly no commitment to ensure that disabled people can continue to lead inclusive lives or be treated as citizens. The result of the loss of funding from ILF, together with the drastic reduction to health and social care budgets will not only remove disabled people’s rights under the UNCRPD to live independently but will push the cause of independent living backwards towards third world levels of no support.

Any government should be ashamed of this. As your constituent I want you to please ask why ILF is being scrapped and why there is no commitment to support disabled people by this government.

I would also like to know how the government have reached the figure that closing the ILF will save £330 million a year. This seems to be another total inaccuracy.
Please also support EDM 1231 to stop the closure of ILF.


· Manchester Network X meeting January 15th and 16th if anyone can go from DPAC, or is going and can report back to us please.
There is a Facebook event page if you use Facebook:


January 20th 11 am – London action which sounds really fun called by London Class War . See how the other half live – Visit Osborne’s millionaire father’s shop Osborne and Little, 304 Kings Road, and around the corner OKA furnishing store owned by Sam Cam’s Mum 155-165 Fulham Road

London and National

January 24th second national day of actions against Atos and other poverty pimps.- including charities trying to make money out of getting us into work.

For more details watch out for announcements here or go to the Facebook event page:


February 11th and 12th Conservative local Government conference at Chesford Grange hotel which is stuck out in the middle of the countryside with no public transport, where they probably think they will be safe- any ideas for a protest there please urgently needed.

CoR week of action – February 14th –19th if anyone would like to organise anything for that week let us know.


Saturday, February 26th Birmingham Against the Cuts protest more details nearer the time. Planning meeting for this in Birmingham January 10th early evening if anyone can go to this for DPAC please let me know. (

For more info email Matt at

Meeting of Leeds DAN ( disabled people’s Direct Action Network)who are campaigning against Workfare January 22nd venue tbc to plan for public meeting on February 5th in Leeds. Venue also tbc. For more info contact Luke at ( alternative underscore editor)

Additional dates for steering group members and anyone else who is interested.

January 8thNetroots conference London
January 10th – Housing Emergency meeting, London.
January 10th, – Meeting in Birmingham re February 26th protest ( early evening tbc)
January 11th – possible meeting London if organised by UKDPC
January 13th – London campaigning workshop with ALFIE and Newham coalition.
January 15th – Labour Representative Committee conference London
January 17th – RADAR APPGD 5.15-6.15 pm London ( digital Britain)
February 8th – Conference on Civil Society and third sector, TUC offices, London 2-5.30.

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