Jody McIntyre BBC Interview fails any kind of civilised standards

December 13, 2010

I wrote about Jody McIntyre being pulled out of his wheelchair and many people have been disturbed and concerned by the rough treatment meted to him. He’s had a few interviews since then. (this is the footage where he got pulled out of his wheelchair)

The way the media has handled it shows their disablism and condescension  and apparently not more so than tonight at Ben Brown’s interview with Jody at BBC News 24, here is an excerpt from James Martin Charlton’s complaint to the BBC

I work at a University where we all work very hard at ensuring that especially vulnerable students and staff, for example those with disabilities, are treated with respect and allowed to recount their experience with dignity. No doubt the BBC believes that it practises to the same standard. On the evidence of this interview, in which your journalist showed his opinions and colours only too clearly, you have failed to live up to any kind of civilised standards. If your interviewer were a member of staff here and had spoken to a disabled student in that fashion when listening to a complaint, he would be on disciplinary as a result.

(full complaint to the BBC at James Martin Charlton’s blog)

And a complaint here from J Campbell

I have just finished watching an interview with Jody McIntyre on BBC News Channel. I did not know anything of this story until watching this item on the news channel (20.15) and was utterly appalled at the treatment of this man at the hands of the police- shown in footage during the interview.
But I was also totally disgusted and also apalled at the interviewers totally negative and provoking questions.

The BBC is a national broadcaster and I have never been so angered at an interview or felt such disgust at the standards of journalism this interview sunk to and have emailed them to complain and gone online to see more about this story.


There have been other complaints in twitter too about the way the interview was conducted.

If you saw the interview and want to complain to the BBC about it you can do the complaint here. According to his twitter he had a Sky News Interview I wonder how that went.

This is Jody McIntyre’s blog you can show your solidarity by writing to him.


3 Responses to “Jody McIntyre BBC Interview fails any kind of civilised standards”

  1. jmc Says:

    Many thanks for the link. I am glad to see that others have complained about Ben Brown’s appalling interview.

    • Kes Says:

      Ben Brown interview with Jody McIntyre

      I am writing after watching the interview of Jody McIntyre conducted by your newsreader Ben Brown.

      I have never felt compelled to complain over any television programme before. However, the way Mr Brown conducted this interview was appalling.

      The bullying and sneering manner in which he interviewed Mr McIntyre was worthy of the very worst elements of the Rupert Murdoch news broadcasters – including Fox News.

      This went far beyond any attempt at ‘devil’s advocate’ type interview and, as stated by Mr McIntyre, appeared to be blaming the victim for the actions of the perpetrators.

      Mr Brown acted very unprofessionally.

  2. berni Says:

    I just could not beleave what I was hearing when watching the interview on the BBC this morning, this just clearly shows how far the establisment will go, it was a onslaught on Jody dignity to see him on being dragged on the floor. The interviewer done all he could to lead and set up, but Jody handled the interview brilliantly.

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