Dec 15th protest events

December 13, 2010

The new Housing Emergency Coalition has called a protest outside Downing St on Wednesday December 15th – they want people to take cardboard boxes and sleeping bags and after the Downing St protest disabled people will move to Trafalgar Square

Some people will be meeting at Trafalgar Sq at 12.15 if you wish to meet first.

The Housing Emergency Coalition against the Housing Benefit cap and social cleansing start to demonstrate outside Downing Street at about 12.30. They want people to take sleeping bags and cardboard boxes emblazoned with Housing Emergency on them as props to show the consequences of the coalition’s plans.

alternative donkey created by Frieda Van de Poll

After this disabled people will move on to the Trafalgar Square xmas tree, at about 3, for some nativity themed photo ops. We will be visited by Joseph and Mary and their lovely donkey. (created especially and in the ethos of the occasion).  You are also welcomed to come as angels etc . We will meet them with placards carrying our borough names and turn them away.

All welcomed, singly, in groups, with colleagues, family and friends  for chance to reflect, network and connect for future actions.  Everybody coming to the action loved and greatly adored. (especially in this weather). Free mince pies while they last!


An alternative nativity








copyright Crippen


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More information at their facebook group site

2 Responses to “Dec 15th protest events”

  1. Hi I can’t make the protest but I’m here on facebook doing as much as I can you mention Angels to come along just check out my profile picture. My son is An ”Angel of Hope” his daddy never got any help by the health profession he was just abandoned in extreme trauma he is still abandoned and in trauma from years of neglect by government now he fears eviction and a slow lingering death due to cammeron’s murderouse tyrade on the many helpless.

    Shame, shame.shame. on ”Cammeron the Devil’s Deciple”.

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