Reform of Disability Living Allowance – Disability Alliance survey

December 11, 2010

The Government plans to reform Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for ‘working age’ adults (16-64 years of age) but may use a new assessment process for all people needing DLA.

Disability Alliance is examining DLA and the Government proposals to ensure we have strong evidence to contribute to the consultation.

DLA was introduced to help disabled people meet the higher costs of living associated with health conditions and impairments. Disability Alliance is concerned that DLA is not meeting its original purpose; a third of disabled people currently live in poverty in the UK.

We are very concerned that Government reform is based on cutting DLA expenditure by 20%. This may result in greater numbers of disabled people unable to access support and living in poverty.

Your input to this survey will help identify who the Government cuts and proposals will affect and how people may lose out. Please respond by 10th February 2011. This will allow us to include your answers in our response to the Government consultation.

Link to the survey –


One Response to “Reform of Disability Living Allowance – Disability Alliance survey”

  1. brian merrett Says:

    Whenever govnt say they are making changes it means one thing CUTS.

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