Wheelchair Protester confronts police

December 10, 2010

I was sent this link in Facebook from the Guardian – thanks!


4 Responses to “Wheelchair Protester confronts police”

  1. kevin blumer Says:

    was that the same person who was pulled form his weelchair or not because one of the protester got pulled form his weelchair

  2. Nabil Shaban Says:

    This reminds me of 1983, when I used my car to block the gates of the Yank Cruise nuclear missile base at Greenham Common, with my yellow mini. A whole convoy of police vehicles were hurtling to enter the base when the women protesters tried to get in the way but were quickly removed by hiding police leaping out from behind the bushes. So when I saw the way was clear for the cop convoy to pass, I moved my vehicle to take the place of the line of women, which really pissed the police off. Sadly, my mini was light enough for about 8 cops to pick it up and shift it out the way. However, the cops were pretty slow off the mark, and it wasn’t until after I said cheerio to the women and drove off home, that the cops suddenly remembered I should have got done, and went around asking the protest campers who I was, where I came from…naturally, the women replied they hadn’t a clue who I was…which was true as I didn’t bother to introduce myself to anyone.

    Incidentally, doesn’t one of cops standing in front of the guy in the powered chair, look like he is having a piss? Dirty bugger…and they have the cheek to complain about some protesters pissing on Winston Churchill’s statue!!!

  3. Nabil Shaban Says:

    With regards Gandhian style protests, people mustn’t forget that while the protestors were non-violent, the police response was always brutal. No matter how peaceful and non-violent our tactics, if the State is determined to get its own way, then they will always retaliate with violence….because the violent response is deliberately designed to be a deterrence for future protests. The guy in the wheelchair who was attacked by the cops on Thursday was deliberately done…to terrorise other disabled people from thinking of attending demos which “threaten” to turn into a riot….and of course, the police will see to it that demos and protests do turn ugly…the Con-Dem govenment has an agenda for radically changing the political, economic and social landscape of Britain, and it will force its programme come what may, against all resistance, employing every dirty trick in the book. As far back as March 2009, MI5 warned that the planned harsh austerity programme for Britain, will provoke civil unrest, involving violent protests and riots, will need contingency plans for using the army on the streets. Already, after Thursday’s protest, I read requests from various commentators for the army to be employed against revolting students. This is no coincidence. The comments were probably made by the state “provocateurs”.

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