Police pulled Jody McIntyre, revolutionary, out of his chair

December 9, 2010

Today many people were following the news of the students’ protests stuck to their television screens or to twitter for the alternative news stream from the students themselves.

News was streamed with overhead helicopters and split screens with the debate on tuition fees at Westminster. Much more immediate were from twitter with the students and I was following UCLOccupation, SladeOccupationand mostly PennyRed amongst others. I was startled to read her tweet

They’re beating up a guy they just dragged out of a wheelchair!

And then Goldsmith Occupation tweeted: Number of police officer who dragged man out of wheelchair -KF936

and someone supplied the link to the Guardian’s Students Live Coverage

4.42pm: We have an answer for the question posed at 4.02pm. The man pictured being pulled from his wheelchair is Jody McIntyre who, coincidentally, was interviewed in the Observer last month.

Man, wheelchair user, being pulled by several police

Photograph: Germaine Arnold

I spoke to his brother, Finlay, who says Jody was actually pulled from the chair twice. The first time was near Parliament Square when police insisted he move from close to the front of their lines. Three officers, he said, picked Jody up and dragged him away.
The second was nearer the river, when officers insisted he and Finlay were in danger near police horses. This time, Finlays says, his brother was pulled bodily on the ground across the street.

So who is Jody McIntyre  – why was he there? According to a profile of him in the Observer he’s a cyber radical. In his blog he says
One man’s journey on the path to revolution…

He writes:

We refuse to accept the government curriculum /
Labour and the Condems we are sick of ‘em /
Cameron, Clegg, Miliband’ll get Millibanked /
Militant, with a pen sharper than a Tory shank /

Lib Dem, arms embargoes turned to apologies /
Pro-Palestine turned to Zionism’s sodomy /
Silly me, to believe, no more tuition fees /
Nine grand, while we’re sending soldiers to the Helmland /

Now we gotta Blairite tryna say he is left /
What is left of your party is a legacy of death /
Iraq, Afghanistan and the Browne review /
So for the opposition, we say “Fuck you too!” /

Life on Wheels Poetry

So we say disabled people salute you Jody McIntyre, revolutionary! We need you to fight the fight for disabled people too! And let us know if you want us to help you get Police officer KF936 for doing what he did !

eleanor lisney

Please refer to Busy Protest Days where DPAC members were also protesting in London.


9 Responses to “Police pulled Jody McIntyre, revolutionary, out of his chair”

  1. kevin blumer Says:

    i think this is not good publicity the police how can a person in a weelchair defend themselves probably the police just being brutial as useuall i think they should suspend the officer who pulled someone out a weel chair pick on the defencliss

  2. […] condemnation of the ‘violent students/anarchists/protesters’, it was the police we saw pull someone from a wheel chair, charge horses into a crowd, smashing random people in the crowd with batons just for being […]

  3. Robert Says:

    I’m in a wheelchair most of the time, and i would be and did go to battle with the Tories back in the days of the miners strike, I have been hit punches kicked and my god i did the same back, equality.

  4. […] and kettled protesters. They charged at them on horseback, gave one lad brain injuries, and pulled a disabled protester from his wheelchair. Yet the media narrative was one of protester “violence” and outrage at the suffering […]

  5. Old Hag Says:

    Jody, how best can we support you in your fight for justice against this outrageous behaviour?

  6. j campbell Says:

    I have just finished watching an interview with Jody McIntyre on BBC News Channel. I did not know anything of this story until watching this item on the news channel (20.15) and was utterly appalled at the treatment of this man at the hands of the police- shown in footage during the interview.
    But I was also totally disgusted and also apalled at the interviewers totally negative and provoking questions.

    The BBC is a national broadcaster and I have never been so angered at an interview or felt such disgust at the standards of journalism this interview sunk to and have emailed them to complain and gone online to see more about this story.

  7. ubishere Says:

    It makes me sick that 3 so called friends and Jody’s brother would use him in this way.

    All they wanted to do was abuse the police officers and wait for some dumb copper to do something stupid like this….. then scream “IT’S A BLOODY OUTRAGE!”

  8. Paul Says:

    Jody was treated like everyone else. He was told to move and did not so the Police moved it. The video is hardly violent, the Officers were gentle with him. Dragged maybe.. beating up.. there’s none of that in the video but being in a wheelchair does not give him any special right to go in between Police lines. It is dangerous for him and for the Officers and the cretins making the video show how crazy the crowd mentality is.
    Deface the Cenotaph.. smash buildings… throw fire extinguishers off roofs.. and these people are the future?

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