DPAC statement to Disability Now magazine

December 7, 2010

Disabled People Against Cuts ( DPAC) totally condemn the proposed scrapping of DLA. This is yet another example of a complete U turn by the coalition government who promised to protect Disabled people and are now doing exactly the opposite. This must be seen as another outright attack against us all. Together with the swingeing cuts to care funding already occurring in places like Birmingham, Camden and Kensington and Chelsea it will force any ideas of independence, choice and control for disabled people back to the 1970s. Disabled people will become trapped and institutionalised in their own home due to the lack of support.

In essence the consultation document seems to be saying that if you need support and get funding from another source then you will not be eligible for a Personal Independence Payment but at the same time that if you don’t get funding for support from another source then in this case too you will not be eligible for PIP. Will any disabled people therefore be eligible?

We are further concerned that while the government claim to be consulting with disabled people this is not being done in any meaningful way and they seem oblivious to any of the problems disabled people face, completely ignoring their needs and the additional costs of being disabled.

We further question how reforming the system of DLA to PIP will achieve the stated objectives of the government to save money and feel this is simply a further ideological attack against disabled people who they have already castigated as benefit scroungers.

– Linda Burnip


One Response to “DPAC statement to Disability Now magazine”

  1. andre Says:

    why don’t we all go browsing the shops in oxford street together – the unemployed, students, trades unionists, homeless, anarchists, disabled people, anti captialists, pro capitalists – anybody who might be or will be affected by these cuts – we could visit all the big shops browsing for bargains – i read that they were discounting before christmas this year

    there’s no law against window shopping in oxford street – it isn’t even a demonstration – nothing could actually stop us

    why don’t we make 18 december the most interesting pre-christmas day oxford street has ever had – oh please! it would be so good – can’t we get anybody within reasonable striking diistance to foresake their own high street for the bright lights of the west end

    the government stokes hatred and stigmatisation of the poor, the unemployed and the disadvantaged – how can they say they want to offer people equality of opportunity when they make hatred, contempt and prejudice the bottom line of their social policy?

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