Autism Strategy launch protest: 17 Dec from 9 am London

December 5, 2010

Join the call for

The London Autistic Rights Movement (LARM)


The Wellcome Collection Conference Centre

183 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BE
Friday 17 December 2010
From 9 am onwards






•    The views of autistic people, carers and many professionals have been ignored
•    The strategy provides no new funding to help autistic people
•    Contrary to the UK and EU ratified United Nations Disability Treaty (Article 4.3) all representative Autistic-led organisations have been deliberately excluded from the Autism Programme Board, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) Advisory Group and the NICE Guidance Development Groups on autism
The strategy as it stands fails autistic people, fails their families and fails professionals who want to know how to help autistic people.
The London Autistic Rights Movement, the Autistic Rights Movement United Kingdom (ARM UK) and our allies are calling on all those who have been let down by this new strategy and all who agree that autistic people deserve better to join our protest at the Autism Strategy launch.
For more information contact;

The Autistic Rights Movement UK
Telephone: 0191 2596384
The London Autistic Rights Movement (LARM)
Telephone:  07594 578152


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