Do we live in a dictatorship?

November 28, 2010

I always understood that one of the most important characteristics of a liberal democratic state was that it’s government ruled with the consent of its citizens, and without such consent it became a dictatorship. In recent weeks there have …been successive protests whenever a coalition politicians showed their face anywhere outside Westminster, in many cases they have only been able to use back or side doors to get into events. ( Vince Cable ICC Birmingham, Nick Clegg at Hugo Young Lecture to name but two instances.)

At the same time the number of protests against cuts around the country by an increasing number of groups has risen dramatically including continuing protests against the tax evasion of £6 billion by Vodaphone and tax evasion by Chancellor Osborne of £1.6 million (latest, and rising HMRC estimate).

Yesterday myself and other disabled people attempted to join students, school children, and others ‘ School’s out children take to the streets’ (Guardian November 25th) at a protest in London, however we were refused permission to join this by the police who had kettled thousands of protestors in Whitehall. We watched school children as young as 14 or 15 being kettled, illegally searched and arrested.

Surely any government whose ministers can only sneak in back doors, who refuse to allow disabled people to legitimately protest and who feel the need to kettle children have lost any legitimacy to govern I’d therefore like to suggest that the Cameron and Clegg clones pack their bags and leave before they bring my country into a state of anarchy.

Linda Burnip
Co-founder Disabled People Against Cuts


4 Responses to “Do we live in a dictatorship?”

  1. DiverseJustice Says:

    Very well put Linda. I often wondered why they called a time scale of the withdrawal of troops as soon as they got power, and also the appointing of a military personel at westminster. Seams like dictatorship is the movement of this shambles

  2. Well said Linda.
    This is discrimination against disabled people. I thought there were laws against this…Oh wait, the police are the law!
    I agree that with this government in power, anarchy / civil war is on the cards. I have just signed a “Vote of no confidence” in the coalition government.
    Get them OUT OUT OUT!!!

  3. Bill Miller Says:

    I am afraid this is all smoke and mirrors.

    Seeing things you way you want them to be rather than the way they are and not at all understanding the other persons point of view.

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