3 Responses to “DPAC launches its logo!”

  1. Indie Nicholls Says:

    Great logo. May it give us all strength to fight the fascists!!!!!
    Peace & Love x

  2. Sioux Says:

    Excellent logo

  3. John McArdle Says:


    From Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disabled Claimants:

    We are delighted that the Black Triangle was adopted as the symbol of the UK disabled people’s protest movement and by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

    It will serve as the symbol of resistance and hope for all our people, who will say with one voice “NEVER AGAIN!” to the heartless powerful who think we will not fight back and overcome them.

    May Paul Reekie’s (R.I.P.) memory forever be honoured.

    It was in Paul’s memory that I established the ‘Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disabled Claimants’ on June 28th 2010, after he took his own life following a DWP/ATOS “Work Capability Assessment”, and suffered having all his financial support to be withdrawn.

    Subsequently, following discussions and consultation among activists, it was decided that, at a time when the United Kingdom authorities had decided to attempt to re-classify over two million sick and disabled people as ‘fit for work’ using this illegitimate ATOS regime – an assault upon the human rights of disabled people unprecedented since the foundation of the disability rights movement in our country – the Black Triangle symbol would be reclaimed as a symbol of our defiance and liberation from tyranny and oppression.

    As founder of the Black Triangle Campaign, I join with DPAC and all women and men of good will everywhere, in every time and place, in resistance, solidarity, and love as we turn the page and open another glorious chapter in our history of struggle for full equality, empowerment, and redemption.

    Let this be remembered as part of disability history in times to come. We have learned from our history to defend ourselves and join together in the cause of humanity.

    As founder of the Black Triangle Campaign, I beg the indulgence of all to permit me to take the liberty of closing with a personal prayer for us all to invoke God’s blessing and strength, which sentiments, I am sure, all will be able to assent to, whether believers or not:

    “May the Holy One Who Makes Peace in The Heavens, Make Peace for Us, and for ALL Peoples, Speedily, and at a Near Time”

    (From the Kaddish)

    Onwards to Victory! We will never forget! We will never give in! And we will win.

    John McArdle

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