Disability History Month: our history

November 21, 2010

As disabled people fighting and protesting against cuts, we should not forget that in effect we are carrying on the baton from the previous campaigners before us.

If you are in London for Wednesday 24th November, there is the launch of

UK Disability History Month at Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL(off Russell Square), 5.00-8.00pm (speakers include Tara Flood (Alliance for Inclusive Education), Kenny Frederick( head, George Green’s Secondary), Gill Goodswen ( President NUT),  Preethi Manuel (parent),Micheline Mason ( parent & activist), Manjit Rai ( head, North Beckton Primary), Richard Rieser ( author, trainer & coordinator DHM), Prof. Roger Slee (chair of Inclusive Education, IOE),Young Person & John Hegley.) The focus is on ‘The Struggle for Inclusive Education’.

For details and if you would like an invite, contact

Richard Rieser 0207 359 2855 and Susie Burrows  0207 254 7603 or rlrieser@gmail.com

Disability History Month logo

Disability History Month

The first UK Disability History Month (DHM) will take place from 22nd November to 22nd December 2010 and annually thereafter. Already supported by a wide range of disability organisations, trade unions and voluntary organisations (#), DHM will raise the profile of disabled people’s rights and struggle for equality now and in the past.

And over the pond in Chicago – the work of Tom Olin’s, the  renowned photojournalist who captured some of the disability rights movement in America,  is being showcased at Chicago’s Center for Independent Living.

Tom Olin

Tom Olin, photo with thanks to Scott Nance

In the article, Curator Riva Lehrer says  Olin’s work is rare.

“We really want to get this out to people because people do know about the other civil rights movement and a lot of the photography of other civil rights movements has been really key in being educational tools, rally points resonant images that have changed people’s minds, and I think hardly anybody outside of our community and even in our community knows this work.”


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