Documentary researcher wants your stories

November 16, 2010

Katie Rice of True Vision would like to hear from you on the effects of cuts on disabled people.

Please contact her directly at



I am working on the development of a documentary focussing on the effects the cuts will/are already having on those with disabilities. We have a strong history of making powerful documentaries which campaign for social change and justice. You can look at some of our previous productions at I am looking for people who are happy to tell their story and how things have affected them – for example I have heard that some are finding the notion of cuts so scary that they have turned to suicide. I want to know how it has led to this and really give those who are feeling unheard a voice.

Please feel free to post my email address as I want to hear people’s personal stories. I really do want to hear from those who feel they have been hit the hardest as this will make the programme have more impact.

Katie Rice

True Vision


2 Responses to “Documentary researcher wants your stories”

  1. Gordon Pye Says:

    Just sent this to katie

    I have been on Incapacity Benefit since 1994

    Now that the dust is starting to settle on the proposed Welfare reforms it would appear that the ConDem coalition have got got extremely dirty underpants on the particular question of the proposed means testing of ESA paid to severely injured troops. Means testing ESA after the first year is the equivalent of stealing at least 350K ( at current interest rates in a true safe account ) from severely disabled soon to be ex-soldiers. In actual fact it could be said that severely disabled soldiers are in a worse situation financially than they would have been before the compensation was increased a couple of years ago.

    The same principle applies to people disabled in accidents who over the past 20 years have received compensation based on the payment of Incapacity benefit for life. Particularly hard hit will be those who managed their finances prudently. I believe that there are already some murmurs about exempting former members of the armed forces, but if its good enough for them its good enough for anyone who has previously worked hard and saved throughout their working life to give them a better standard of living in the event of being forced to effectively retire early.

    It would appear that the whole objective is to force all significantly disabled people to submit themselves to be ” battery farmed ” in new private care homes. Again it would appear that the primary aims of the proposed welfare reforms are to promote false economic growth in the private care home industry. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that ” they ” ( being the stock market parasites like Tory welfare reform architect Freud for example ) had already projected the private sector job creation / investment scam potential. There is no doubt that the current proposals will cost the state more in the longer term, but perhaps not before the next general election.

    It just crossed my mind that the proposed new rules dictate that if you have to go into a care home you lose the mobility component of your DLA. This means that you are limited to 20 quid a week spending money, not even enough to smoke properly. I suspect that care homes will welcome the inability to afford to smoke as theoretically you will live longer and therefore make the company owners more overall profit.

    So it would appear with the means testing of ESA that the message from the Tories to all intelligent school leavers is to make sure you get a soft job where there is no potential danger to your health. Likewise avoid any jobs where your health may significantly deteriorate as your approach retirement. There would appear to be no point for any school leaver to take up a trade apprenticeship if the said job involves any danger to your person. It would appear that those who take potentially dangerous jobs are to be expected to urinate everything they earn up the wall or spend it on junk consumer gadgets. No incentive to work extra hard to make money to save if there is any chance that you might become chronically sick or injured as a result.

    It would appear that the proposed reforms to Incapacity Benefit / ESA are already having a significant impact on Car Insurance Premiums, some people having to pay almost double according to BBC Watchdog last night. The insurance companies cited significantly increased compensation payments as their reason for increased premiums, no wonder when the means testing of ESA after the first year is the equivalent of losing 350K at current cast iron safe interest rates if you have over 16k in savings. Watch out for small business employers liability insurance going through the roof on the same principle.

    Yours faithfully

    G Pye

    Tel 01200 441388

  2. Robert Says:

    yes no argument from me good comment, I kept my money from my accident which was like the Military pennies for the injuries i had. Now I saved this money I could end up with nothing. But it would have been the same under New labour they had the same intentions.

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