Crippen looks at the new definition of the word ‘Fairness’

November 7, 2010

Crippen's fairness cartoon

Crippen's fairness cartoon

Crippen discusses his take on the new definition of ‘fairness’ , he recounts:

Bert (Massie) went on to explain: “But when we consider the amount of income that people in Care Homes will be losing in percentage terms after these cuts, this group of Disabled people will face a drop of about 66% in their net income. This will be the highest new tax rate imposed upon anyone in the government’s Budget!”

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3 Responses to “Crippen looks at the new definition of the word ‘Fairness’”

  1. Robert Says:

    Forgive me for being stupid but when did a person in a care home get DLA, my grandfather been in a care home now for some time he had all his DLA stopped the day he entered, he had his pension stopped and he gets £22 a week in pocket money this was from our beloved Liebour party.

    He was getting DLA before he retired, but the lot was stopped once he went into care.

    • zellieh Says:

      Pretty sure it’s the £22 they’re talking about taking away. That may well be your Grandad’s Mobility DLA.

      You get two sorts of DLA money — 1. Personal Care, 2. Mobility — and many people get both.

      In a Care Home, you get all your Personal Care DLA money taken away, but if your Grandad had money from Mobility DLA, he would have kept that — until now.

      • zellieh Says:

        Ah, my mistake! The £22 is his pocket money; he’ll be allowed to keep that.

        People in Care Homes who used to get Mobility DLA will be having their Mobility DLA taken away.

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