Captain Ska “Liar Liar” for Xmas 2010 No1

November 7, 2010

There is a facebook campaign to get this for the No 1 this Christmas! Enjoy –

Captain Ska –

Dark days have arrived in Britain. The coalition government and their toxic flotilla of cuts are ruthlessly hacking away jobs, damaging vulnerable lives and chipping away at the very fabric of our society. We cannot afford to stand by and let this country sail towards a future of inequality.

5 Responses to “Captain Ska “Liar Liar” for Xmas 2010 No1”

  1. Robert Says:

    So what do we do it’s OK attacking the coalition but this morning I had to listen to New labour which is alive and well, tell us the cuts to the rent is OK we were going to do it, and the idea of making people work for benefits is OK because we were going to do it, but but it was our idea the Tories are stealing out ideas, he then said look at welfare reforms it was our idea.

    So OK whom do I now vote for and please do not tell me the greens for god sake.

    fact is if your on the bottom boy your on your own now.

  2. rich Says:

    so how do you buy this then?

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