“Birmingham against the cuts” rally, 13th November

October 29, 2010

This rally will be supported by DPAC

Message from Right to Work –
West Midlands Right To Work is hosting a “Birmingham against the cuts” rally on 13th of November, 2pm, Carrs Lane Church, Carrs Lane, Birmingham. This rally is supported by UNISON Birmingham local government branch and West Midlands PCS. 

Th…is Con-Den government has unleashed the biggest ever assault on benefits targeting the ill and the disabled.

We are being asked to foot the bill for the £1.4 trillion bail out for the bankers. That means cuts in services and living standards, a massive job cull and us all having to work longer and enjoy less retirement.

The Con-Dems will move to replace all benefits and tax credits paid to those of working age with one ‘universal’ benefit which will pay out less.
Today Osborne says “we’re all in this together”. But as the Channel 4 Dispatches programme revealed that along with two other Cabinet ministers he’s avoiding paying tax.
We have seen Vodaphone being let off of paying £6 billion in tax as public services are being slashed and burned. We are clearly not in it all together!!

The rally on the 13th November will bring together a wide range of speakers from the Labour movement. We can confirm that the FBU is arranging for a striking London firefighter to speak and we are the process of organising a French striker and student to address the rally.

These speakers will be reporting from the sharp end of the international struggle against the cuts along side local speakers from the CWU, UNISON, PCS, NUT, UCU, Labour Party, disability groups, students and more.

Please come along to the rally and help build the resistance and defend our welfare state.

Matt Raine
West Midlands Right To Work

4 Responses to ““Birmingham against the cuts” rally, 13th November”

  1. Bob Williams-Findlay Says:

    It is time the Left and the Labour Movement did more than include disabled people in their ‘moral outrage’; it’s time they recognised that their own ignorance and prejudices share common ground with our oppressors. Would comrade Raine feel as comfortable writing about “the niggers” and “the queers” as he does using the term “the disabled”?

    I’m not interested in ‘political correctness’, I am concerned about promoting negative stereotypes which underpin the ideological attack being waged against disabled people. Solidarity is a vital element in the struggle against the cuts, but that solidarity cannot be forged on the back of disablist attitudes.

  2. fourbanks Says:

    If i could attend make no mistake about it i would. God only knows how we’ve be saddled with this bunch of extreme right wing Conservatives and anything that can be done to preserve the moral fabric of this country should be warmly welcomed by everyone and i wish everyone attending the rally all the very best

  3. alibi Says:


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