Join us to help fight against cuts to care funding and benefits

October 27, 2010

Thank you for your support on October 3rd and 20th to help us fight against cuts to care funding and benefits. We are now trying to apply for some funding to help make our campaigns as strong and effective as possible and it would help with that if anyone who hasn’t already joined up to our facebook and/or blog could do so and please add a link from your own organisations.


3 Responses to “Join us to help fight against cuts to care funding and benefits”

  1. rich Says:

    how do we add our links?

  2. Sheila Oliver Says:

    The LibDems are capable of anything. They have ruled Stockport for a decade. They stonewall parents of severely autistic children so as not to have to provide services for their children and they with full knowledge tried to put a school for 550 primary pupils and 78 babies of a former toxic waste dump leaving all the arsenic, lead and brown asbestos in situ.

    Finally, they did brown asbestos remediation but this was not done properly. Please see this You Tube clip of the brown asbestos being removed. One of the “experts” even takes his own respirator off. Builders walk past with no protection from the brown asbestos. It is basically two bored blokes with bin bags and a stick:-

    Be very afraid – the LibDems are completely heartless.

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