Crippen reports on the slash and burn tactics of the ConDem’s

October 22, 2010

This is Crippen’s response to the Spending Review –

Opposition MP’s are using the term ‘slash and burn’ to describe the knee jerk reaction of the Coalition to the financial deficit that they claim to have inherited from Labour.

Crippens pillage cartoon

Crippens pillage cartoon

Rampaging through the country in a similar way to the Viking’s when they were first attracted to our shores; the ConDem’s have spared no one in their attack upon our society. Seemingly with no real plan or any indication that rational thought has gone into this process, they appear to have indiscriminately attacked all who fall within the category of vulnerable.

read more at Crippen’s blog

2 Responses to “Crippen reports on the slash and burn tactics of the ConDem’s”

  1. Linda Burnip Says:

    their actions do not seem to have any logic other then to increase poverty and unemployment amongst everyone, but obviously that will be worse for disabled people.
    They don’t seem to like the idea of anyone having a decent home of any sort of they are not working and the cumulative effects of their housing policies can only lead to massive increases in homelessness and poverty.
    Maybe they think if you are evicted from one of your homes you can just move into another one you own?Huhne has 6 after all

  2. Dee Says:

    I agree with the sentiment, but it’s untrue that the Con_Dems have “spared no-one”. It’s highly significant that they have spared the rich, letting Vodafone off billions, and other big companies such as tax-evading Barclays. Nor is their attack only on the vulnerable, though obviously it has most effect on these. The logic of their actions may be: more poorer people, so lower wages, so more profits for the wealthy. You don’t have to see this as a personal attack against a (large) section of society, it’s the logic of capitalism.

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