Finalising preparations for the day

October 1, 2010

Linda, Pete and Sam with 'Cuts Kill' t-shirts

Linda, Pete and Sam with 'Cuts Kill' t-shirts

We were at the Paradise Forum finalising the protest organisation. At the end, Linda, Pete and Sam put on their tee shirts!

Many suggestions but protestors might want to bring black and red facepaints, fake blood, black triangles and finally, £10 if they want one of those tee shirts!


One Response to “Finalising preparations for the day”

  1. Hi from Paul. with all Honesty.
    I’m just back from a very rare night out I was totaly incensitised to everyone oround me and the band music. there is a reason for this it’s quite simple really.

    If I did not leave my isolation in my isolated little world of my isolated little crap excuse of a house I would without doubt have taken my own life. you heard it right the first time. take my word for it Im the expert on my suicidal inclinations Im not quite safe yet either.

    Yes cuts kill Im already dead brown started the cull cameron has finished me off its just a question of when and how. but for sure I will not go quietly I will not cower to a cowardly Government who use fear to attack innocent and vulnerable people

    Turn it RED NOW.

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