This rally will be supported by DPAC

Message from Right to Work –
West Midlands Right To Work is hosting a “Birmingham against the cuts” rally on 13th of November, 2pm, Carrs Lane Church, Carrs Lane, Birmingham. This rally is supported by UNISON Birmingham local government branch and West Midlands PCS. 

Th…is Con-Den government has unleashed the biggest ever assault on benefits targeting the ill and the disabled.

We are being asked to foot the bill for the £1.4 trillion bail out for the bankers. That means cuts in services and living standards, a massive job cull and us all having to work longer and enjoy less retirement.

The Con-Dems will move to replace all benefits and tax credits paid to those of working age with one ‘universal’ benefit which will pay out less.
Today Osborne says “we’re all in this together”. But as the Channel 4 Dispatches programme revealed that along with two other Cabinet ministers he’s avoiding paying tax.
We have seen Vodaphone being let off of paying £6 billion in tax as public services are being slashed and burned. We are clearly not in it all together!!

The rally on the 13th November will bring together a wide range of speakers from the Labour movement. We can confirm that the FBU is arranging for a striking London firefighter to speak and we are the process of organising a French striker and student to address the rally.

These speakers will be reporting from the sharp end of the international struggle against the cuts along side local speakers from the CWU, UNISON, PCS, NUT, UCU, Labour Party, disability groups, students and more.

Please come along to the rally and help build the resistance and defend our welfare state.

Matt Raine
West Midlands Right To Work

Thank you for your support on October 3rd and 20th to help us fight against cuts to care funding and benefits. We are now trying to apply for some funding to help make our campaigns as strong and effective as possible and it would help with that if anyone who hasn’t already joined up to our facebook and/or blog could do so and please add a link from your own organisations.


An execution at Hyde Park

October 26, 2010

We went to join Mad Pride at the public execution of a certain politician. Speeches were made in front of a good crowd of demonstrators inspite of the rain. We joined in a scream and then the hung politician was duly ‘taken apart’ and burned – somebody cooked their sausages on the fire.

a public execution

a public execution

More photos at

Mad Pride demo flyer

Mad Pride demo flyer

More details at Crippen’s blog

About DPAC

October 25, 2010

DPAC is about disabled people and their allies. DPAC is UK based but we know that disabled people in other countries are suffering from austerity cuts and a lack of fundamental rights. We welcome all to join us in fighting for justice and human rights for all disabled people.

Disabled people should not be the scapegoats for the financial mistakes of governments, should not be constantly told that there is no money to support them by millionaire politicians.  We will not tolerate further erosion of our living conditions or our human rights, nor will we sit quietly while they try to take our rights away.

DPAC was formed by a group of disabled people after the 3rd October mass protests against cuts in Birmingham, England. The 3rd October saw the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people-It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest.

DPAC co-founders are the original Disabled Peoples’ Protest organisers. Leading coordinator Linda Burnip was instrumental in getting disabled peoples’ voices heard and disabled people represented at the protest, along with, Sam Brackenbury, Bob Williams- Finlay, Tina Hogg, Debbie Jolly , Eleanor Lisney, Pete Millington, Dave Lupton,  and most important of all: all those that marched in the pouring rain on October the 3rd, all those that joined the virtual protest, and all those that supported us with email campaigns and messages when the march was threatened: all made DPAC a reality.

DPAC is for everyone who believes that disabled people should have full human rights and equality. It is for everyone that refuses to accept that any country can destroy the lives of people just because they are or become disabled or sick. It is for everyone against government austerity measures which target the poor while leaving the wealthy unscathed. It is for everyone who refuses to stay silent about the injustices delivered by wealthy politicians on ordinary people and their lives.

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Today I attended  ‘Removing Barriers – Disability Champion and Campaigning’ organised by TUDA (Trade Union Disability Alliance) and facilitated by Dave Smith – open to new or experienced trade unionists, disabled people or Disability Champions who are interested in championing disability equality issues.

I went because I am, probably, a training junkie but mostly because I was impressed by the way we as disabled people, campaigned alongside trade union activists at the protest in Birmingham at the Tory National Party Conference. Here, I must add that it was the very many grassroots activists in trade unions that helped make the protest a significant one. I wanted to see how we can build on this new alliance against the cuts.


On the 3rd October the first large scale protest was held in Birmingham against the spending cuts announced in the emergency budget of June 22nd. Disabled people led the protest through Birmingham and past the ICC where the Conservatives were holding their annual conference. The protest organized by the Right to Work Campaign included, unions, those against the attacks on the NHS, and many other groups.

Linda Burnip (Campaign coordinator of the Local Housing Allowance Reform Group and later one of the co-founders of DPAC Disabled People Against Cuts) had talks with RTW and was instrumental in securing disabled peoples’ voices were heard in the protest. Disabled people came to Birmingham from all over the UK, support came from all over the UK and from disabled people and their organizations in Europe, the US and Malaysia.

The protest and its organisation led to the formation of DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)

You can read more about the 3rd October success at the previous blog for the day. And the DPAC protest photos are at the Spending Review on the 20th

You can read more about the 3rd October success at the previous blog for the day. And the DPAC protest photos are at the Spending Review on the 20th.  You can read a report at the Socialist Worker.

Further Actions

Back at the TUDA training, one of the action points was to see how campaigns against cuts could be liaised and coordinated for mutual cooperation. And this is where I can see that DPAC and TUDA can explore on building and pooling their relative resources for the benefit of disabled people against the brutal cuts to services and benefits.

Dave Smith gave the example of planned cuts in London Underground staff .  London Visual Impairment Forum and Transport for All and Inclusion London have joined action in questioning the impact of the staff cuts on disabled travellers.

The campaign  would show how  staff  cuts will impact on disabled people  and their use of public transport – impacting on  travel to work and ultimately: independent living. The planned cuts will lead to further social exclusion and increased poverty for many disabled people.

DPAC will post further protests and actions on the blog  and on the FaceBook Page

DPAC is on Face Book at:

– eleanor

This was posted in Facebook – a moving video letter from Bendy Girl, real name Kaliya Franklin to David Cameron.

This is Crippen’s response to the Spending Review –

Opposition MP’s are using the term ‘slash and burn’ to describe the knee jerk reaction of the Coalition to the financial deficit that they claim to have inherited from Labour.

Crippens pillage cartoon

Crippens pillage cartoon

Rampaging through the country in a similar way to the Viking’s when they were first attracted to our shores; the ConDem’s have spared no one in their attack upon our society. Seemingly with no real plan or any indication that rational thought has gone into this process, they appear to have indiscriminately attacked all who fall within the category of vulnerable.

read more at Crippen’s blog

For photos of DPAC demonstrators at the Spending Review rally and demonstration – refer the the flickr site –

DPAC demostrators

DPAC demostrators photo copyright Mikael Barnard

Video and images from the protest march and rally can be found at the Coalition of Resistance website –

20th Oct protest

October 18, 2010

For DPAC protestors -for 20th Oct Protest

Meet for 12 noon at the  College Green which is at end of Westminster Abbey corner of Abingdon Street and Millbank.




David Cameron with son

This is a picture of a loving Father with his late disabled son.

David Cameron

This is the picture of the same man who now wants to
destroy the lives of many disabled people in
the country by cutting their benefits.

You would be forgiven for thinking…….