Maps of Blue Badge Parking

September 15, 2010

Find accessible parking spaces on these maps of Blue badge parking – click on this link

"But what do you expect me to do about it?!"

Crippen ‘expect’ cartoon description – A family of four including a wheelchair user and two small children are standing together holding a placard. The placard reads ‘No Work, no food and homeless’. On the floor behind them is a letter that says ‘We have stopped your benefit’. Opposite them is Cameron in his blue suit, shirt and tie, standing in front of large sacks of money. The sacks are labelled ‘Trident, Afghan war and 2012 Olympics’. Cameron is saying to the family: “But what do you expect me to do about it?!”

linda burnip

linda burnip

Linda Burnip will be on radio tomorrow talking about our protest. Ed Doolan show BBC WM 95.6fm online at around about 12.10 pm

a tweet for Stephen Fry

September 13, 2010

This is one to try and persuade Stephen Fry join us to change the minds of the present government and consider the real costs of the cuts on the most vulnerable citizens.

Please join us on 3rd October in Birmingham! Your voice is so needed.

"Sorry Sir, we didn't see that one coming!" cartoon by Crippen

Crippen’s ‘triangle’ cartoon description – Cameron, in a blue suit, shirt and tie has been speared in the forehead by a large black triangle. A white security man, dressed in a similar style with a radio earpiece in his left ear is saying to Cameron: “Sorry Sir, we didn’t see that one coming!”

Get blood!

September 11, 2010

We all know that more cuts will kill more disabled people. If anyone want s to get some fake blood of their ownf for this event you should be able to get it from a joke shop or from

We will have some supplies for people to share


A whole new spin

September 10, 2010

A whole new spin

Crippen’s ‘spin’ cartoon description – Cameron, in a blue suit, shirt and tie is holding a piece of paper that reads ‘find reasons to target claimants’. Facing him is another white man dressed identically. He is saying to Cameron: “So we changed the figures around like this and we have a whole new spin on the situation!” On the wall between them are two big signs. One reads ‘Benefit Fraud’ and the figure has been changed from 2 billion to 120 billion. The other sign reads ‘Tax gap’ and the figures have been changed from 120 billion to 2 billion.

These coaches are probably not accessible but call Chris Bamford 07986 085 162 – he might be able to help.
Contact points from around the country from Right to Work:

Call 07986 085 162 for local details


Coaches leave George Square at 7am. For tickets ring James 07708 295 900

Unite Scottish Housing Associations branch coach leaves 290 Bath Street in
City Centre at 7am.


Coach leaves Preston Adelphi Roundabout 9.a.m. Coaches organised by Preston
and South Ribble Trades Council. Contact Mick 07748083254.


Hardman Street, Liverpool 9am, £5 unwaged/low waged, £10/15 waged. contact
<> for


Coach tickets are £5 (unwaged/low waged) £10 or £15 solidarity. Coaches will
depart at 10am from Chorlton Street, leaving Birmingham at 5pm

For tickets ring Andy 07825 158 944 or Jamie on 07970724441

Coach leaves West Yorkshire Playhouse 9am.

For tickets ring Paris 07863 899 227


The Barnsley coach(es) are currently backed by Barnsley College UCU,
Barnsley NUT, Barnsley TUC. We are hopeful of getting support from other
unions. Will leave at 9.30am outside Barnsley Town Hall. Telephone
Coach leaves Paternoster Row at 9am. Tickets £10 wages, £5 unwaged. Contact
07890 0884561

For coach details email <>


Coach organised by Cambridgeshire against the Cuts, supported by Cambridge
Trades Council and Huntingdon & St Neots Trades Council, Cambridgeshire
Unison and Cambridge NUT.

Leaves Cambridge picking up in Huntingdon.

Contact Steve 07904 171413 or Tom 0771 2893552 or on line at


Plymouth & Exeter

Plymouth Trades Union Council formally agreed to support the RtW Campaign
and the 3rd October Demonstration and put on Transport – coaches to
Birmingham will leave Plymouth Bretonside Bus Station at 8am on Sunday 3rd
October, with pick-ups at Grenada Services, Sowton Exeter at 9am. Tickets
are £15 waged, £10 unwaged and can be purchased in advance at
<> or phone or text:
07803 620390.

West London

Coach leaves Ealing Broadway station 7am. Ring 07751742370 for tickets and

North West London

Coach leaves Willesden Junction station 7am (picking up in Harrow). For
tickets an details ring 07951 084 101.

Central London

Coach leaves Euston at 8am.

For tickets contact Robin 07883860682

North London

Islington coach leaves Lidl at Finsbury Park, 8am. For tickets contact Adam

Haringey coach will leave Tottenham & pick up in Wood Green, contact Keith


Coach provisionally leaves Hackney Torn Hall 8am

For tickets ring Despina 07932714833

Waltham Forest

Coach leaves Walthamstow Central Station 8am, Tickets £10 unwaged, £15
waged, £20 solidarity price. Contact Sam 07961337640

South London

Southwark Town Hall 7am

Lambeth Town Hall 8am

Tooting Broadway 7.30am

Clapham Junction 8am

Woolwich DLR 7.30am

Lewisham station 8am

For tickets ring Rob 07930953265

Coaches have already been booked from Dundee, Edinburgh, York, Bristol,
Oxford, Kent, Southend, West London and Tower Hamlets – details to follow.

The Final Solution

September 9, 2010

The Final Solution

Crippen’s ‘solution’ cartoon description – Cameron, in a blue suit, shirt and tie is writing on a board pinned to the wall ‘exposing all those disabled who are cheating the benefits system.’ He is also holding a piece of paper with ‘cuts, cuts, cuts’ printed upon it. A white man and a woman, both wearing suits in similiar colours are approaching him from the right. The man is saying to Cameron: “We’ve come up with a name for your project Prime Minister!” The man is holding a large sign that reads ‘The Final Solution’.

"But David, how come you keep your hands so clean?"

Crippen’s ‘gloves’ cartoon description – Clegg and Cameron, in matching blue suits, shirts and ties, are in a room together. On the wall beside them is a notice that reads ‘Benefit Cuts Control – directive 326c. Deny any knowledge of deaths, suicides resulting from benefit cuts.’ Cameron is holding a piece of paper on which is written ‘Cuts, cuts, cuts’. Clegg has blood covering his hands and dripping onto the floor. He is saying to Cameron: “But David, how come you keep your hands so clean?!” On the floor by Cameron is an open box of disposable gloves. He is also wearing a pair and there are used ones, covered in blood on the floor around him.