Short accessible route

September 30, 2010

Download the map. Click here for map -> short route , this is a pdf

Alternate more accessible route

We will meet as arranged originally in Chamberlain Square at 11.30 am onwards or for those who feel able or come by coach at Lionel Street car park rally point for 12.

The route available for those  who do not want to take part in the main march will be from Chamberlain Square through Paradise Forum and onto Paradise Circus at the top of Broad Street where we can join the end of the main march for as long as wanted and then return to Chamberlain Square to take part in a die-in.

Anyone who needs to drop out along the route at any point should return to Chamberlain Square for the die-in.

Be aware that the police do not want protestors in Paradise Forum, so mingle and look like Sunday shoppers 🙂 if you are walking through there.

Chamberlain Sq

Chamberlain Sq

I found a very good guide with photos of the pedestrian route from New Street to Paradise Forum –

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