Stop the cuts

September 26, 2010

Stop the cuts

Stop the cuts

  • A disabled Scottish poet and writer who killed himself after receiving 2 letters one saying his Incapacity Benefit had been stopped and another that his Housing Benefit had been stopped
  • A disabled woman fighting for re-housing for over 5 years as well as having her social care cancelled left a suicide note saying “No human or animal should ever have to go through life as I did.”
  • attempted suicide by ex-school caretaker who had brain tumour and was unable to sleep, had weakness down one side of his body and was having fits. His GP deemed him unfit to work but the 15 minute Atos medical declared him fit for work. This would have led to his benefits being cut by over £60 per week.
  • An epileptic man in Manchester whose tax credits were stopped and he was left reliant on food hand outs from his local church to feed his family
  • what one disabled woman says about the cuts  “I could go on and on, about the misery it would cause, to remove DLA. It would lead to a slow death painful death. Worth adding here, I have spoken to many in my situation, who are discussing mass suicide, rather than suffer more health miseries, for which there are no cures! They are not depressed, but just pragmatic about the fate that awaits all of us.”

If you want to help us stop these cuts that will kill contact: or

One Response to “Stop the cuts”

  1. simon briggs Says:

    disabled people need the help not there DLA taken away from them. People should not be bullied into the medical look at the benerfits cheats.The disabled are getting worse in the illness we carnt pay our bills. she has multipull problems this is scaring them.

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