Linda Burnip on Ed Doolan show tomorrow

September 14, 2010

linda burnip

linda burnip

Linda Burnip will be on radio tomorrow talking about our protest. Ed Doolan show BBC WM 95.6fm online at around about 12.10 pm

3 Responses to “Linda Burnip on Ed Doolan show tomorrow”

  1. Hope you can mention the term ”Hidden Diaabilities”

    Good Luck with the Interview Linda. and enjoy the experience. Just wish I was there with you.

    Thank You.

  2. Sam Brackenbury Says:

    Missed you on the Ed Doolan Show, got back from Washington, Co. Durham on the 15th, So many people are worried about the Tory’s cuts up there….

    They are quite convinced that the NorthEast is going to tak’ the brunt of the cuts! I know so many people who are living hand to mouth as it is! When these cuts start to bite, The Provvy man will start to call again!

  3. Mo Stewart Says:

    Suggest you take a look at website designed by a dying man: and also my webpages on this site for other disabled veterans:

    GOOD LUCK with the protest march, which the Tory party will ignore. Wish I could be with you. Disabled veterans thank you.


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