Join us to protest at the Tory Party Conference on 3rd October in Birmingham

September 1, 2010

“But David, how come you keep your hands so clean?!”

“But David, how come you keep your hands so clean?!”

Crippen’s ‘gloves’ cartoon description – Clegg and Cameron, in matching blue suits, shirts and ties, are in a room together. On the wall beside them is a notice that reads ‘Benefit Cuts Control – directive 326c. Deny any knowledge of deaths, suicides resulting from benefit cuts.’ Cameron is holding a piece of paper on which is written ‘Cuts, cuts, cuts’. Clegg has blood covering his hands and dripping onto the floor. He is saying to Cameron: “But David, how come you keep your hands so clean?!” On the floor by Cameron is an open box of disposable gloves. He is also wearing a pair and there are used ones, covered in blood on the floor around him.

We will have our own disabled people’s section of a legal organised march to protest against Tory Party attacks on disabled people. Please join us and ask others to come too.

When       Sunday, October 3rd, 2010.

Where     International Convention Centre, Birmingham.

Rally        noon

March     1 p.m.

Disabled people and their lives are under threat

  • The Tories have threatened to remove our DLA saying that the number of claimants must be reduced by one-fifth.

  • ESA and work capability assessments have been criticised by CAB, disability charities and Disabled People’s Organisations. The government have now said that from October 2010 they will speed up the re-assessment of everyone currently claiming Incapacity Benefit so that 10,000 claimants a week are ‘processed’

  • Housing Benefits for all tenants will be reduced. From October 2011 for those 2 million disabled people living in private rented accommodation and from 2013 for anyone living in social housing which is deemed too large for their needs

  • There are 1.8 million people households on social housing waiting lists. Currently 1 million children live in overcrowded households

  • Already 30% of disabled people live below the poverty line and 1 in 4 families with disabled children cannot afford heating

  • The Chartered Institute of Housing has calculated that the cumulative effect of the coalition’s proposals mean that by 2020 every tenant’s Housing Benefit will be too low to cover their rent

  • Added to that funding from the Independent Living Fund for care and support has now ceased to all new claimants and any additional needs cannot be met by them

  • Social Services budgets are under extreme pressure and nearly all Social Services departments have been told to reduce their budgets by 25% which has an obvious knock-on effect to their provision of care and the amount people need to pay towards this.

Weather permitting we will meet at the fountain in Chamberlain Square at 11.30 am and walk to the ICC together or at the ICC in the room where the rally will take place.
For specific needs to be met in order to attend this protest march contact  – Linda( 01926 842253 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              01926 842253      end_of_the_skype_highlighting), email:

or Tina (01989 768195), email:

Information about transport from Chris on 07986 085162

7 Responses to “Join us to protest at the Tory Party Conference on 3rd October in Birmingham”

  1. LInda Burnip Says:

    We all know that more cuts will kill more disabled people. If anyoen want s to get soem fake blood of their ownf fo rthis event you should be able to get it from a joke shop or from

    We will have some supplies for people to share

  2. Disabled people who are claiming DLA need to be careful joining this March, no doubt the DLA cameras will be out photographing folk who claim they cannot walk more than 100 yards….we need to protest and get this dreadful policy of the coalition Govt scrapped, but NOT at the expense of those protesting in Birmingham..

    Please be careful when protesting the cameras will be on you !!!

  3. Sam Brackenbury Says:

    Andrew is right we need to be so careful, and we also need to think about how effective a march would be???

    What about a banner drop or a die in???

  4. #onereddrop Or what about onereddrop be at either protest or at both at the same time. Me I`m going to be at both because it is so important, just make sure that you are at at least one of them. Turn Facebook Red before you leave for Birmingham

  5. Laurel Wingfield Says:

    I wonder how many disabled people will want to be there, but will be physically unable to attend? For a start, the logistics would be a nightmare; many of us would have to get mobility scooters there, and many of us are too poor to own our own transport, so would have to travel there and back on public transport. Then there is the severity of many of the disabling conditions, which would make demonstrating extremely difficult, if not impossible. I have moderate to severe ME, so just taking part in the demonstration – even if I could bring a mobility scooter with me – after travelling there, would be a struggle. As I live in Southampton, I am probably too far away to attend, anyway.

    And, as Andrew pointed out, many would be put off from attending, from fear that they would be seen at the event, and their benefit would be cut off. The reason used would be along the lines of, ‘if you’re well enough to go on demonstrations, you’re well enough to get a job’.

    The government must know that they are in for a round of demonstrations and strikes, but there are some who would be just savvy enough to see the disabled as a ‘soft touch’. They can use our physical incapacity against us. But while we struggle with the physical problems, we want to be pro-active in any way we can, perhaps working from home in some way, and using computers and whatever resources we do have. Any ideas?

  6. I think we all recognise that many will not be able to attend this protest in Birmingham because of all sorts of reasons but I do not believe this will be the last of protests and maybe you will be able to attend those closer to Southampton? And there are many ways of support apart from being there physically-such as writing to MPs and local councils etc joining local DPOs and helping there.

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